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  1. I just found my iso for win 10. I am going to do a clean install of win 10 on this laptop. This will eliminate the hours of win 7 updates and I will put my emsisoft on it and see what happens from there. That will certainly save a lot of time on your part and mine. Hopefully you do not hear from me.
  2. I have found one other request for this problem on your support forum. While setting up my 'new-to-me' laptop I have run into a bad nasty problem. My other laptop bit the dust and in the world of computing etiquette the 64bit Windows 7 laptop went through the factory reset option. First thing I installed of course was my emsisoft. I still have to switch the licenses over. Emsisoft went to work and found an infection and quarantined it on the first run. After that all hell broke loose. I cannot use a browser anymore, I cannot search the pc, event viewer simply will not work, and task mana
  3. All is okay now. Virus total daid ok and emsisoft has accepted as good now as well.
  4. I live in an apartment building. Surrounded by a few other apartment buildings and commericial stores. There are many many networks I am surrounded by. Since replying to you last, the windows update is continuing to be successful. My emsisoft has been working very nicely with no change in my preferred options. I have two network devices on my net work, one is mine and the other is one that is on here periodically (meaning sometimes yes and sometimes no, but I have only been looking the last few days.) I will look at the mac address and add it into the block section of my router setup.
  5. Very good. Thank you. I managed to use the windows update tool: Microsoft Easy Fix 20179 dot mini do diagcab It was a little strange at first as it went about installing windows 10 exactly the same in manner as when I first upgraded the OS from 8.1 - The Windows 10 is up to date with the latest updates confirmed by visiting the windows 10 update and reveiwing the ones sent out with the ones in my update history. When it comes to the router the one I have is: Cisco DPC3825 This is the unit I can use to go into the settings by putting the into my browser and modi
  6. I had started having troubles with Chrome no longer being my default browser (my choices being ignored or reverted), my windows updates were not taking effect and being reverted, and my emsisoft choices/settings being changed. While doing a little diagnosis on my network I discovered a device D-link that was unfamiliar. Sometimes it is present and sometimes it is disappears quite quickly. I managed to get a screen shot of it and called my ISP to see if this was normal to be on the network. It wasn't mine (I know which is mine), so they showed me how to check the mac address as that was the
  7. I do not know what exactly is happening here except that I have unknown devices hooked up to my network that come and go. My ISP helped me change my password, and gave me some tools to use to compliment my Emsisoft AV. As things seems to be out of my control on this network, even after a delete, format clean install of windows 10, I am not sure of what I am dealing with here. However after the password for connection was changed, the symptoms reappeared. Will you help me to figure out what is happening? Do I have something happening at a deeper level than a clean install? I do not kno
  8. yes I do still have the download link. How would you like me to give that to you?
  9. This occurred on my first attempt to run the program. I was looking forward to trying it. It had a pop up that gave four options. Allow Once Allow Always Terminate Terminate and Quarantine The pop up recomennded Quarantine it.
  10. I renewed my license. Folder Maker was a perk / thank you for renewing Emsisoft. When I followed all the instructions, and was able to download and activate the program, of course, I selected to run the program. To my surprise your AV product gave me a warning not to follow thru with the launch of the program. I thought to myself that this could possibly be a false positive. (But if emsisoft is the sponsor, why would emsisoft have not already white listed this program? While using virus total to scan the suspicious file it returned with a 3 out of 56 saying this is a bad program. T
  11. While on the computer today I have had three popups saying there is an internal processing error and should contact you immediatly. I am not even sure what information I should be providing you regarding this popup. While searching for logs etc., I noticed that my malware scan logs stop as of 19 January 2016. I am not sure if this is an indication of a problem or not. Regardless your software requested I let you know about this error, so I am doing that.
  12. Almost all done. Thank you Kevin! I am not sure were to find "Uncheck "Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 24 hours" Could it be temporary files? I unchecked the temporary files and continued on with the rest of the instructions. Everything has been completed. Thank you very very much for all the time and assistance you provided. It is very much appreciated. Everything seems to be working really good. I am very happy.
  13. Thanks. I am just reading this now and will do it all.
  14. Finally!! YES!! I downloaded a new executable, installed it without admin level, and it is working. No redirects, no needing a private window, no crashing, finally. I feel so much better. :) :) :)
  15. I uninstalled FF. I searched for anything with mozilla or FF in it. I tried to make sure I did not have any hidden files as well. I deleted all I could find. Not that there were a lot, having deleted stuff already before this attempt. One file wouldn't let me delete it, so I used take ownership and then deleted it. Thank you for that. I went to reinstall FF - and things got a little weird.
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