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  1. Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:07-10-2015 Ran by Cindy (administrator) on DESKTOP-3HVNCRU (08-10-2015 12:34:00) Running from C:\Users\Cindy\Desktop Loaded Profiles: Cindy (Available Profiles: Cindy) Platform: Windows 10 Home (X64) Language: English (United States) Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Edge) Boot Mode: Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/ ==================== Processes (Whitelisted) ================= (If an entry is included in the
  2. This is the file highlighted as bad: 2015-10-07 11:43:06 PM 2272 C:\Windows\System32\RuntimeBroker.exe Undefined event (0) Behavior.HiddenInstallation
  3. Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Version 10.0 Last update: 2015-10-08 1:28:13 AM User account: DESKTOP-3HVNCRU\Cindy Scan settings: Scan type: Malware Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, Files Detect PUPs: On Scan archives: Off ADS Scan: On File extension filter: Off Advanced caching: On Direct disk access: Off Scan start: 2015-10-08 12:23:23 PM Scanned 71708 Found 0 Scan end: 2015-10-08 12:26:55 PM Scan time: 0:03:32
  4. I received a warning about an infection from your program that said I needed to contact you as experts in order to safely remove it. Some kind of kernal infection. My computer crashed while trying to prepare the pre logs you describe you want and I lost the screen shot.
  5. I followed the instructions in the above link, however, I still have the same error. Any other suggestions? I have solved the problem by using the suggestion to another member; which was uninstall the program, restart the pc twice, then using the provided download link download and reinstall. This suggestion worked.
  6. A new problem has popped up. Emsisoft is not allowed to install. I get the following text box: A major problem has prevented the application from starting. Emsisoft Security can't connect to the service application. Please restart your computer and try again or contact support if the problem persists. The problem is persistant. Has anyone else experienced this? I am running widows 10, it has worked okay until I did a refresh without changing the files after cleaning my pc from some problems.
  7. I cannot get emsisoft to run properly. Everyshort cut I use does nothing. It doesnt appear anywhere.
  8. Latest update is just stupid. After doing a facotry reset a couple days ago, and you've seen my problems above, this morning I tried to download part of an assignment and got an error with the program that I was going to use it on. I haven't installed wordperfect or office suite yet, and have just been using the microsoft 365 trial on the pc. I figure there is no point installing my programs, as it takes some time, and then I'll have to do it all over again until I solve this pc problem. I have to draft a lot of documents with specific legal formatting, so not having a reliable wordprocess
  9. Okay. All hell broke loose this am. FF no EI would work and emsisoft was non responsive, by that i mean I select eith the desktop icon, the taskbar icon, or select it from the search bar when you open that charm area to chhose a program. Prior to this, last night and early this morning things seemed okay. Then I typed in the name of my college incorrectly, and got a page saying the domain was for sale, and pc life was over. My daughter came over today so I could use her computer, and she downloaded and installed Chrome. And showed me how to use 'the cloud' to do some of my school wor
  10. Here is the Farbar I found some of the results interesting, simply because this is suppose to be a factory reinstall, wipe out all my files reinstall of my system. FRST.txt
  11. a2scan_150404-090323.txt I had no choice but to do a factory reinstallation of win 8.1. I tried all the other options, I do have a USB win 8.1 recovery drive and the refresh was worse than what I had. I had less access to help and non of the win apps would work. non of them. not pc settings, not any of them. So I have a fresh install. the first thing I did was run EEK. I have uninstalled some of the programs I do not want with control panel. I will uninstall the crap apps I do not want either. It would be nice to have one place to uninstall this stuff instead of two. If there
  12. So here is the problems this morning. 1) ran adaware, selected clean and here is the log Notes: I was asked by emsisoft if I wanted to allow a program to run and exe. I said no, and then adaware continued to clean and reboot. I I did have real time protection and all the surft gaurds etc, turned off. This is the error I received: 2015-04-03 7:27:35 AM 50356 C:\Windows\SysNative\netsh.exe Blocked once by user Behavior.AutorunCreation Once completed and the computer reboot I was not able to use fire fox or chrome. No internet connections. the first window that po
  13. i will do those tasks tonight. Chrome is not working. Firefox is. The Windows store app is not working and some of the installed apps like 'timers and alarms" which I used all the time are not there any more, and I cannot reinstall any of my apps, as the Windows Store app is not working. This all happened after the Tweaking exercise. At this point with all my assignments in the works I need to be careful about backing up stuff, so if there is something you need me to do, let me know what may happen, just so I can be prepared for my school stuff. I will run those tasks you requested
  14. Today's update: I cannot use Chrome, I get a silly icon that says it cannot connect, even after doing a registry kill operation for malware. I am back to using Firefox, which for some reason has become the working interent portal at the moment.
  15. Just an update of symptoms: Boot time is extremely slow Chrome and Firefox are slow or won't connect period some of my apps have error messages, for instance the windows store app isn't working, and a few others. Chrome is redirecting everything When I am using chrome; and using Google do a search, by either the url or the search box; instead I get a blank Goole page that hasn't even entered a search, or disabled queires, no browsing. 1) launch chrome 2) keying my search 3) am redirected to another goole search page with a black ribbon across the top of the screen. if i use t
  16. While using Chrome I was back tracking on my school page an I got an error on a blue background that said aw snap something went wrong while displaying this web page. To continue reload or go to another page.I had an icon shaped like a folder with an uphappy face on it. I had to rename my registry kill to run it. On my apps area there are several new developments. Such as apps I have previously deleted are back, at least with their icon, however have the word error attached to them. My Windows store button has a big X on to^of it now. I had to run a repair option to use wordperfect
  17. I am an avid follower of Emsisoft's blog, and bleeping computer (which is where I found you). With respect to duplicate file cleaners and using ccleaner to clean up the computer, are there programs that can help with keeping the computer running efficiently? With all the problems I have been having I very shy to even give a program a try as I don't seem to ever know if I can trust the download sites etc. anymore. With report after report of different malware issues that arise I am getting more confused as to what should be good. Any suggestions?
  18. send to emsi Fixlog.txt Here is the log. I figured out how to shut down emsisoft as it was not allowing Tweaking to complete it's job. One problem: I cannot get onto my school website anymore. I will try a different browser, but I have been able to use Chrome for school. Chrome just tells me that the web page is not available. I have set them up in the allowed site area of Chrome, but it doesn't do anything to help use the site. Tweaking did take a long time, but it finally finished. I have turned emsisoft back on again. There is now only one program and not many duplicates a
  19. First task in the works and 2nd task is ready fr when the first one is complete. Emsi soft keeps stopping the tweak. how do I turn emsisoft off?
  20. send emsisoft a2scan_150324-133038 24March2015.txt send to emsi FRST.txt send emsi RKreport_SCN_03242015_202600.txt Is it normal to have duplicate programs on Windows 8.1? For instance when I use the program features / uninstall inside the control panel, It list several identical programs. I did post them. i'll attach again.
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