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  1. Thank you for the explanation. Fresh look, I welcome that too. I will do this now. I have been doing my work, and I also have been physically unplugging my internet when I am not using it. As you can tell, I don't know some of the names etc., or weird files, and I only can see what it obviously different to what I have been accustomed to see over the years. I wish troubleshooting was not so difficult, but I guess that is the whole point of why the internet abusers are so good at what they do. I will run scans now, and get them attached. Thank you, for your patience, once again. Thank you for your help, it is really appreciated here. FYI: I am having troubles getting into my college website. I finally managed to make sure it was on the allow part of Chrome. After three attempts, I finally was able to get in. I truly do not know what is going on with my internet or pc. I am so stressed out over this. If it wasn't so imperative to have the internet for school I could certainly be a lot calmer. I change my internet codes, but I for the life of me have no idea why I am having so many troubles. I was trying to make sure all my cookies etc were clear and my windows old had some, but my computer would not allow me to delete them. I was not a trusted installer!! I guess after owning the computer I no longer get to make any decisions!! LOL. not so funny really. Report is in the process. send to emsi FRST.txt send emsisoft a2scan_150324-133038 24March2015.txt
  2. I haven't heard from you in a bit. I hope all is well. I had some troubles still with school work. Of course I have to use the internet a lot. After the registry change above that I did, when the computer was restarted the next time I had an icon on my desktop that I did not put there. Nor have ever even put a desktop icon like it in my life. It was labled "THIS PC" with a computer icon on it. It seemed to relate to remote control, or remote connection. That along with the fact that in my programs and features area I have duplicate programs of almost everything, unless it was something I installed on my own. As I hadn't heard from you and needed to do my work I tried looking into some stuff. I unplugged my wifi internet. Ran my emsisoft. I still had to do a registry kill. the Rogue killer simply would not work at all. I reset my firewall. Did my windows update, which it said had never been done. (It had been). after those little maintenance things I was able to connect to my sites I needed to use and did some work. I did get a warning, the flag, which said I had no anti spyware running and that my firewall was turned off. when I selected the turn on my firewall option I was presented with a graphical interface almost identical to malwarebytes' graphical interface, I used task manager to end the task and my white flag in the corner turned white again, and I had no more important messages in the action center. Please do not get frustrated with me. I only have one pc. I failed a class last year as I couldn't get my work in on time because of computer problems. As this is my last term I do not want to fail anymore. I really do not know what it haunting me. I try and run all the best antivirus. I subscribe only to emsisoft though. As Win 8.1 is new to me, I am not familiar with the OS. So perhaps I have a remote connection I can't find, I should be the only one on this system except a tablet and phone connected by wifi, which are both mine. I also have emsisoft on my tablet. I am going to try and finish all the work I can right now. Then I will hook up my wifi again and change my password. On my firewall managing area I have duplicates of everything as well, I find this strange as I have never seen this before. Is it possible to have two systems running on top of one another? Even after a Windows reset? With one being unnoticeable? So I just performed a system restore, and this is the second time the message comes up with my flag that says windows defender is not running and out of date. I click on the flag and it immediately opens a window graphical interface almost identical to malwarebytes and starts download the latest virus definitions. This is freaky. I used task manager to shut it down. My flag still has a little red x on it. There is something extremely messed up here, I have never seen any of these symptoms before in my life. I forgot the flag tells me my emsisoft is turned off too. I have it set up as real time protection and it runs it's scheduled scans.
  3. I have needed to use Google docs to upload and edit pdf's for school. Everything was fine earlier, but now I keep getting the same error over and over again. I want to print my finished work and need to download my annotated pdf and I keep getting download failed. Then as I am looking for some of my files for school on my desktop I have a brand new icon that I have never seen before. I didn't put it there. Also I had a warning flag in the bottom right hand of my screen 'the flag one' that usually means there is an update or whatever. For me it is that I disconnected my external hard-drive throughout our troubleshooting and knew it would go away once I plugged the drive back in. NOT Now the flag is all okay, and I didn't do that either.
  4. I have, now, a never seen before problem using chrome. I have a screen shot but do not know how to get it to you description: on a Google homepage using chrome there is the google search bar in the middle of the page. That is where you type in your search terms. I typed my search request and when I hit enter a popuup shows telling me I need to provide a URL in this space and my search query information has disappeared. __________________________________________________________ Just to keep you updated Chrome - when I select a new tab for a new page, I get one screen that is missing the tool bar google has at the top for their silly things i don't use and I can't use the search box in the middle of the page> I get please type in a url and those little boxes google put under that search box such as 'I'm feeling lucky' and 'google search' are not present. FF is still the same, I am getting the connection reset error like a couple threads above. I don't use chrome as my preferred browser, i have always used Firefox. Firefox is acting up as you know, and now chrome wants to as well. For what it is worth both Firefox and chrome have a little icon selection right beside the shrink/expand/close section. Chrome has a little person icon, and Firefox has a smiley face. With FF i removed it from the tool bar.
  5. rk report - followed instructions. I did not delete anything, just attached the report.RKreport_SCN_03192015_175017 19MARCH2015.txt
  6. After getting my coffee and sitting down to start my assignments Firefox was acting up. It would not load my page and gave me an error of: Server not found. Firefox can't find the server at Wordperfect, and email are constantly hanging with a "program is not responding" message. I am using chrome, as it is opening my sites. Thus I was able to post this. Wordperfect may be stressful as I use it to type my work. I'll keep posting the unusual errors I'm getting.
  7. 1) eek report attached 2) I'm having a difficult time accessing my college blackboard. Sometimes it is okay and sometimes it is not. After running FRBR then emergency kit, I ran the registry kill program, as I used it to sucessfully alow me consistent access to my college, while I have been trying to figure out what is going on, and before contacting you. I have attached the report as I have emsisoft running and it did not catch this. i have only run the rkill, and have not modified or tried a manual uninstall or deleted any files. It is critical for me to access my college, and I do not have a spare computer. I hope this did not mess anything up and you understand my urgency. FYI: My pc has been cooperating nicely this evening. i realize this doesn't mean it's okay yet, but I was able to relax a little bit and get my work done. I did peruse the farbar reports and noticed that Wild Tangent may still be on my computer. I used revo unistaller to uninstall it, but as I don't know what or how to read the report I do not know if it is still a problem. This computer like so many other came with a lot of software or apps that I do not want or even use. Win 8.1 is new to me yet you can't just unistall from the programs and features control panel anymore, as the apps are not listed there. I don't know how to verify if an app uninstalled properly, and there are at least 60% of apps that I do not want. Using autoruns also is challenging for me as I do not know exactly what I shoud leave alone, and what I should disable. I am happy with all the things emsisoft is doing and blocking. If your company ever wants to produce an uninstall program, I'll be the first in line. a2scan_150318-172840 18MARCH2015.txt Rkill18MARCH2015.txt
  8. So sorry, I did use the attach button and browsed my pc for the files to attach. It did say is was succesfully uploaded, I must have inadvertently done something wrong. Okay, I see where my mistake was. They are attached now. eek is next. I don't know if this is relvant as I don't really know how to use some support programs, and therefore do not understand how to interpret them. I do have an emsisoft (regular) log that shows some remote computer and I don't recognize the the so called user or program that gave it permission. I sure didn't. Not on purpose at least. I do have my mouse acting on it's own from time to time and my desktop icons are getting moved around from time to time. What caught my attention is that the mouse seemed to be trying to click on something in one of my emsisoft logs.I thought I's mention it. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. eek report attached. I forgot to change the cookie settings when I reinstalled firefox, and have now changed it to not accept any third party cookies. I did not delete any of the cookies yet, as I didn't know if you want to see them. I just had a couple large assignments assigned and I need to download the files for this and you said it should be okay so I will go ahead and do that.
  10. Windows finished updating and I have run both scans again. FarBar only produced one report, not two and I read it will only do one report now anyway. emergency kit scan was completed in 46 seconds, so i ran it again. Emsisoft caught 7 attempts to direct my browser to a malicious site upon opening my computer after the windows update. I am using firefox as my browser. I have taken a few screen shots if you will let me know how to get them to you I have been waiting for permission to install the backup program that was bundled with emsisoft, please let me know when I can do that. I know something is wrong because I use my laptop amost 8 hours a day just for my school work, I notice when something is different. Not long before I installed a lisenced copy of emsisoft I was cleaning up my duplicate files as I do have them all the time. As a lawclerk student I have an enormous amount of files and it is faster for me to just download them again as it takes me too long to remember where I saved them. I was using ccleaner to find duplicate files and selecting the duplicate ones to delete. i was suprised to find several files (anywhere from 17 to 25) duplicate files all created on the same day, I do not download them that much. I have attached the single farar report to this post and will post the eek one as soon as it is complete. My browser is back to not loading pages for me. I get a message that says my connection was interupted please try again later. I have been getting this often when I try to log onto my school's blackboard.
  11. I will do so as soon as possible. Windows shut me down in the middle of farbart scan for an update. It's just hanging and it says it's 100% complete but won't let the computer start. Normally. I HELD dOwn the power switch to hard boot and I can't get past it tellng me to wait. Not only do I need to use it right now, you told me not to change,delete,and repair there will be changes. Do you know how stop this? Would you still want me to do those scans again when it is done? It seems to be frozen just hanging, or perhaps is does take this long. So the scans will now be after it completed the update, their littLe epitaph says it is 100% complete so I am unsure what to do.
  12. Done. What kind of activities am I allowed to perform using this pc? I need to access my college via internet and work on certain files saved on my pc. Or should I just leave everything alone? Don't mind me, I was just reading not to add any files or programs or unistall or delete. I really like the surf guard on your product.
  13. I am in the middle of assignments and exams, and now in a big puddle of tears and could really use some help. I really hope I purchased your program and not some rogue program. I have ran the required scans. I'll copy and paste below. I just purchased your software. I have also been having a lot of malicious site redirects that your software has made me aware of. Interestingly it has taken some time to be able to post this, as I was not allowed to create an account. When I requested a 'forgot my password' I was never sent one, and now beleive I was on a rogue emsisoft site. I used duckduckgo and managed to get to your proper site. At least I hope it is. this time it let me create an account, and was able to get email verification, and now sign in and post. I have a very strange thing in my control panel thaI I have never seen before. I thought I had gotten rid of it with a reinstall of win 8.1. It is back. It is back after I installed your software, I ran it and all was okay, along with other software. There were two things quaratined by emsisoft. Interestingly today I cannot run your software anymore. My pc does nothing. It does tell me I am entering a malicious site (THANK YOU!) and I choose the 'block', but I cannot call up the graphic interface to select settings, or look at logs, or update the database. I had to run the emergency repair kit, but only after I ran the registry kill program from bleeping computers. I ran both requested scans. I am unsure how to paste a screen shot to you to see the control panel disturbance I am talking about. I have purchased your program like I said, but I cannot access it anymore. When I ran the registry kill, it did kill two things. I do not want to post anything else until you ask, as those are the instructions you have given for the first posting for help, but I couldn't run anything until after I ran the registry kill. Update: I was just now able to call up the emsisoft interface. Yea!! Just to be clear, as I reread this post, I am happy with emsisoft, and the problem is I have something runnig amuck with something else and I am not sure what it is. What ever it is - It obviously is trying to make my anti virus have some problems, but it is because of my emsisoft that I am certain it I have a problem, and my problem hasn't been able to bring emsisoft out of commission entirely. Thank goodness. I am counting on beating this with your help.