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  1. Hi Christian Just sent you the license key via PM - hopefully you can help me - thanks!
  2. OA Premium 2-year license expired recently. In order to renew I am directed to log in to EMSISOFT. I do not remember my password, so I click on the E-mail my password button after typing in my e-mail, no message even after multiple tries and different browsers
  3. Thanks MaB The issue does seem similar but in my case the only way to connect from VirtualBox to the internet is by disabling the firewall component of OA. WebShield and everything else does not affect the behavior, only the firewall does. Any feedback / suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Raul
  4. Host: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Online Armor 4.5 (paid vesion) Virtual Box 4.0.4 After upgrading from version 3.2.10 of VirtualBox to version 4.0.4, all network connectivity in VirtualBox guests was lost. Only way to connect was to shutdown Online Armor. The VirtualBox network adapters and networks have been added as Trusted, but still no connectivity from the VirtualBox guests unless OA is shutdown. Thanks in advance for any suggestions Raul