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  1. Popup notification from EAM saying it is unable to contact its update server, here in USA too. Using staff member GT500's cmd_update.bat to perform an update, signatures begin to download, then are interrupted...
  2. I've never used Powershell, so I'll happily remove it after learning Powershell creates a vulnerability. Thanks, Fabian !
  3. Today, I also have been experiencing these update connection failures, however -- just now -- EAM successfully updated !
  4. Just noticed this similar complaint over on the EIS Support discussion board. Good luck!
  5. I have not experienced any problem with EAM updating over the past couple of days, and the Emsisoft download link in your post is accessible for me using Chrome to begin the download. When I experience any accessibility problem, I use DownForEveryoneOrJustMe to determine if the desired site is working, or if the problem might be my own setup. Perhaps your firewall or some other security component on your computer is blocking your connection to Emsisoft's download servers? Good luck!
  6. Arthur: Yes, the issue is fully resolved. I fell back to Delayed updates, and then cycled through Stable updates and Beta updates -- with OS restarts in between each step -- and the issue has been totally eliminated across the board. Thank you for your followup and for everyone's efforts that fully resolved this issue. It is customer service like this that validates my past decision to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 in order to remain an EAM user. Good luck!
  7. I offer sincere appreciation for the Development Staff's prompt action. Beta Update 2016-02-27 has totally eliminated this problem with EAM Beta version Good luck!
  8. Emsisoft's malware database lists numerous variants of that file as being infected. EAM uses Bitdefender's malware signatures, and Bitdefender's malware database lists that file as indicative of the win32.worm.mabezat family. You should probably seek guidance through Emsisoft's "Help, my PC is infected" Forum, to ensure that this potentially serious infection is removed from your PC. Good luck! ** Updated - Sorry, I was unaware that you received a clean-PC pronouncement elsewhere. **
  9. Arthur: I appreciate your guidance on submitting Debug Logs, which I have e-mailed through the Support UI. Just in case this information is useful... The nearly 1.6 million entry a2user.dat file size is 73.8 Mb. The 12,500 entry a2user.dat file size is 1.2 Mb. The 12,250 entry a2user.dat file size is 1.1 Mb. Good luck!
  10. It is true that this problem is not related to the several Stable Update Hotfixes, but that the problem began after this Beta Update. In an effort to determine the threshold of entries in the a2user.dat file that triggered the error message, I incrementally reduced the number of entries in the a2user.dat file. I found that with EAM beta version, and 12,500 entries in the a2user.dat file, the following Error Message occurred without the User Interface opening when I right-clicked on the EAM Tray Icon and selected "Host rules". When the a2user.dat file is reduced to 12,250 entries, no error message occurs and the User Interface opens with the Hostname List immediately populated. Good luck!
  11. For nine months, EAM's Surf Protection has been successfully running custom a2user.dat files containing up to 2.5 million undesirable URL entries, and I am currently running an a2user.dat file containing 1.6 million entries. I have always been impressed that these large numbers of entries in the a2user.dat file have not slowed the Surf Protection feature or negatively impacted EAM. The February 23rd beta update, to EAM version, is causing a repeating error message when attempting to access the Surf Protection page of the GUI by right-clicking on the EAM Tray Icon and selecting "Host rules". If I right-click on the Tray Icon and I select "Security Overviews", the GUI will open. If I then select "Surf Protection" from the Overview GUI page, the Surf Protection page will be presented, but the Hostname List will not populate for about 45 seconds. And sometimes, the Hostname List will not populate and an error message will occur. Replacing the custom a2user.dat file, with an empty (zero entries) a2user.dat file, totally eliminated the error messages and, whether using the Tray Icon or the "Security Overviews" access points, the Surf Protection page's Hostsname List populates immediately with EAM's built-in list. Changing from Beta Updates to the Stable Update channel, returned me to using EAM version, which now runs my original 1.6 million entry a2user.dat file without any error messages and it immediately populates the Hostname List when the Surf Protection page is revealed. I'll stay with the Stable Update channel until a correction is offered through Beta Updates. I can provide you the a2start.el Eureka Log, if that would be helpful. Good luck!
  12. I placed the batch file inside my Program Files/Emsisoft Anti-Malware folder and created a Desktop shortcut, which I execute using Right-Click/Run as administrator. The update feed is determined by the Beta-Stable-Delayed selection in the Update Settings of the GUI, and not by the Commandline Scanner parameters, as described in the attached image. While its release was inadvertent in this case, I offer thanks to Fabian & Arthur for their Commandline Update batch file, which is an enjoyably efficient updating tool. Good luck!
  13. Yilee: Regarding your desire to obtain Signature-only updates that require no reboot, this post by Fabian Wosar from 2010 offers two methods to achieve your wish. I just tried the EEK method that Fabian describes, and it worked for me after restarting EAM only, with no System reboot. Perhaps that method can satisfy your needs. Regarding your demand for a decent answer to what's going on with this (Win 7 x64 EAM Tray Icon) issue, Emsisoft Employee Arthur Wilkinson (a.k.a. GT500) has already offered that in Post #6, above... "our QA team has been able to reproduce this, and is working with our developers to determine the cause of the issue" and "Hopefully it won't take much longer to debug this and provide a viable workaround." Good luck!
  14. After several updates using the Beta channel, EAM and its Tray icon continue to operate normally for me. I am running an Administrator account with Win 7 Pro x32. Good luck!
  15. I returned to Beta Update setting, updated & rebooted, and EAM tray icon is now visible on startup, and protection is fully active. Problem solved for me using Beta Update channel. Thank you !!!
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