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  1. Well, luckily Microsoft released another build to the fast ring last night and after that update EIS is back to normal. Problem is you shouldn't use the reset windows feature in the previous build or the current one. I used that at the end of my troubleshooting and it caused more problems than it solved.
  2. Fabian, I have a Windows 10 Pro VM on the Insider Fast ring and am running the latest build 14251. I had deliberately not updated EIS past 6054 so I could test your release. On this VM I also have HitmanPro.Alert build 355 and AppGuard. I selected the beta update feed and updated. EIS prompted me to reboot. Upon reboot my desktop was black. Couldn't do anything. Tried some recovery things and finally uninstalled EIS. Upon reboot all was back to normal. No telling what happened but now going to install stable build 6131 and see what happens..... What happened was I installed EIS 6131 stable I get a popup window saying "EIS can't protect your computer. A computer resource problem prevents EIS from loading essential protection components." This VM has 4 cores and 8GB of memory and is mostly idle. I see no errors in event viewer. Firewall is the only active protection. I disabled memory optimization and rebooted. Still get the same warning about can't proctect my computer. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Fixed it for me Erik on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Thanks much! Somehow I thought you might be the one to fix this.
  4. Exclusions aren't having any effect here either. Since I cannot get EIS to open, I cannot perform any exclusions there but excluding the EIS processes in HMP.A has no effect on this problem. EIS still fails to start, automatically or manually. Again, for me this problem only occurs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Windows 7 has no problem with the latest EIS and HitmanPro.Alert (3.1.6 build 356) together. I am willing to provide any data needed to help solve this. If that requires a remote session or logs, let me know.
  5. I just updated to the latest version ( on a Window 7 x64, Windows 8.1 x64 and Windows 10 x64. The Windows 7 machine has no issue at all, works as it always has. On both 8.1 and 10 the a2guard.exe is in a suspended state in Task Manager and the icon does not show on the taskbar. If I attempt to start the GUI, its process (a2start.exe) immediately goes to Suspended state and the GUI does not open. I also have HitmanPro.Alert installed on all of these machines as well as AppGuard. AppGuard also fails to show its icon in the taskbar but I can manually start the GUI and it remains there as normal. Anyone know what is going on with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 with EIS?
  6. I was using the lastest version of EIS 10. I had beta updates disabled and yet I was prompted to reboot just a few minutes ago and when logging back in I had version The update setting is still set to 'Stable'. What happened? Is EIS 11 released or was there a glitch? Thanks Nevermind, just posted to relase blog. May as well delete this post/thread.
  7. Things continue to work well since that last beta update. I did notice several (5) entries in the behavior blocker log concerning Chrome stating "App rule modified" yesterday. Is this normal? I must admit that I hadn't checked the logs much at all previously because I had no issues at all.
  8. Yesterday or day before, Chrome updated to version 44 and the problem was unchanged. Just a few minutes ago received the beta update and things are much better. Chrome is itself once again and working very quickly. IE11 is a little slower but I believe that is normal. Nice work EMSIsoft! Thanks much. At this time I have no other issues, all is working well, network and browsers.
  9. Any news to share after I provided the logs last week? If any further info is needed, let me know.
  10. I hadn't given it much thought, but like tasasas, I am unable to complete a video, it stops at some point and doesn't resume. I tried the same video this morning that stopped with EIS, on another computer without EIS and the video played all the way through. I am willing to provide any data needed to help solve this or have a remote desktop connection to have a look if necessary.
  11. Creating a new topic makes sense. I just added Chrome to the whitelist and it is whitelisted from all 3 protections, scanner, file guard and behavior blocker, it works normally. Then I played around with different combinations in the whitelist being enabled and it appears that Behavior Blocker is the culprit. If that is the only one unchecked, Chrome is back to opening slowly. When I look at the logs under behavior blocker there are quite a few entries saying the app rule was modified for Chrome. For example on 7 July, there is about 25 entries saying the app rule was modified. Tonight is the first time I have added Chrome to the whitelist. Looking back in the logs, the moderate sized groups of behavior blocker logs for Chrome's app rule modified started on 1 July which is when the first beta build (5514) after build 5409 was released.
  12. I set the firewall rules back to factory defaults when the first beta after build 5409 was released. This is what fixed the long time to have the network connection come up and be usable. It had no effect on the opening and usability for Chrome. If I make Chrome my default browser, the problem still exists. If I disable my 4 extensions one at a time and all at once, no difference. Edit: I just set the firewall rules back to factory default again, no change for opening and using Chrome. Still the same 8-10 second delay before I can click anything, like the hamburger menu or type into the address window/bar.
  13. GT500, I disabled the loading of EIS via your instructions and under those conditions, Chrome starts normally (at normal speed). I then manually started EIS and Chrome was slow to use again. All 3 of these laptops use SSDs for Windows and another for the personal data that I keep separate from Windows so I am used to seeing things go pretty fast. 2 have 8gb of memory and one has 16gb. These laptops respond quickly on all tasks. The Chrome windows opens, but it seems to take some time to load the thumbnails and the extensions. I only have 4 extensions installed in Chrome, Ghostery, Adblock, Canvas Fingerprint Block and Roboform. This hasn't changed in over a year. The plugins are the default ones provided with Chrome and I have Remote Desktop Viewer disabled and Flash set to click to play. 100PIER, my default browser is IE11 x64 (enhanced protected mode). Did you ever set the firewall to factory default in settings? Doing that fixed the internet connection delay for me on all 3 laptops. I typically use Firefox 39 x86 and Chrome 43 x64 stable release the majority of the time.
  14. I can tell you that build 5409 did not have this problem and nothing else has changed on any of my computers, and all are configured identically. At one time only 1 of the computers was running build 5514 which is when this problem showed up. Earlier all 3 computers were running build 5514 and all had the problem with Chrome. I reverted 2 of them back to build 5409 and the problem went away. I will try your suggestion above later today.
  15. No problem with the upload at all. Trying again here and in private message.
  16. New beta did not change the Chrome behavior of taking 8-10 seconds before I can use it or type into the address bar. Curious why build 5532 is marked as a stable update? I suppose it is except for the people in this thread that are having issues. Arthur you say it's a beta update and yet on the webpage there's a beta update for build 5532 and a stable update for build 5532. I suppose what's posted last is the real one. Anyway still having issues with Chrome x64 43.0.2357.132.
  17. To Jerky and 100PIER, for the internet connection issue, setting just the firewall to factory defaults fixed the network connection issue for me. This setting in on the SETTINGS-GENERAL page. Choose "Factory default" and only check "Global firewall rules". The delay in starting and using Chrome is still present. Firefox and IE11 also show a delay but nothing like Chrome. Initially I reverted back to build 5409 and all problems went away. But this needs to be fixed and the only way to do that is to provide information to Emsisoft like Pete said. I have send the FRST logs to GT500 and hope it might help to solve this or at least determine the next step. I have disabled both HitmanPro.Alert and Appguard and Chrome is still very slow to be ready to use.
  18. I also experienced this issue after updating to the EIS beta version from .5409. My delay for my wireless to connect to my router was around a minute. I also noticed that it took Chrome about 8 seconds before I could type anything into the address bar. This is with 2 SSDs in this computer. These delays in the wireless connection and Chrome were experienced on 3 different Windows 7 x64 laptops. I unticked the checkbox for "Enable beta updates" and checked for updates which upon a reboot put me back to and no issues. I would be able to go back to .5144 if anyone from Emsisoft would like to have a look.