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  1. Salut kif, Je viens de chercher, et malheureusement, il ne semble pas y avoir de solution pour déchiffrer les fichiers chiffrés avec Ransom32 (pas de solution gratuite du moins).
  2. Salut francis! Emsisoft ne peut pas faire grand chose avec seulement des noms de programmes. Il leur faudrait les fichiers (ou au moins les URL des rapports d'analyse de ces fichiers sur VirusTotal) afin de les ajouter à la base de données d'Emsisoft.
  3. Salut Claude Malheureusement, il semblerait qu'il n'y ai aucun moyen de déchiffrer les fichiers chiffrés par cette version du Rancongiciel Dharma (.cesar). La seule chose que tu peux faire en ce moment, c'est de sauvegarder tout les fichiers affectés dans un lieu sûr, et espérer qu'un jour, une solution de déchiffrement gratuite pour cette version de Dharma soit découverte et publiée.
  4. Not really important. My native language is French, but I use every OS, program, etc. in English. Way easier to understand, troubleshoot, research, etc.
  5. Aura

    Infected with Cry9 Ramsomware

    Hi Sam Would you happen to have an encrypted file, and the original file (not encrypted)? If not, we'll try something.
  6. Aura

    I'm going to buy it, but?

    You do not, but it can be seen as such. In that case, you can go with Malwarebytes. If you only want a second opinion scanner, the free version is all you need. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) only offers malware and web protection. Malwarebytes 3.0 offers malware, web, exploit and ransomware protection. You could see the BB module (Behavior Blocker) as being kind of an Anti-Exploit. That's right. Let's see that I run an outdated game launcher for League of Legends. I really doubt that there are significant "in the wild" EKs abusing an older version of the game launcher for an exploit/security bug that have been patched in the newest launcher. Usually, web browsers, plugins, multimedia players, Office, etc. programs (and your OS obviously) are the ones you want to always keep updated as they are the most commonly targetted by EKs.
  7. Aura

    I'm going to buy it, but?

    I would stay away from IObit products, and I would also stay away from "System Optimization" suites. These aren't needed at all on your system and if anything, can mess it up in the long run. I've never heard of that website for security products reviews, so I would take what is posted there in a grain of salt. Personally, I don't know how to answer you, since I don't see myself giving recommendations about other products on the forum of a "competing" product. The protection is added only if you update the outdated software it reports. So if you know to keep your Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Java, VLC, Windows, etc. up to date, there's no need for Heimdal (unless you want it to automate everything). The "protection" you're referring to is to not run outdated software that can be exploited (via EK for instance).
  8. As the title state, when you go in your profile to edit it, and change the System Information fields, when you save it, it doesn't keep the changes. I tried to change Antivirus, Firewall, etc. for Emsisoft Internet Security 12, but it doesn't apply the changes so.
  9. Aura

    Emisoft and Bitdefender

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware is an Antivirus, so no, you shouldn't have two Antivirus installed on a system at once. It's one or the other. Also, why would you want to use Bitdefender with Emsisoft Anti-Malware, when Emsisoft's includes Bitdefender engine and their own (more powerful that way).
  10. Aura


    Salut Françis! Personellement, je ne crois pas avoir vu de problèmes de compatibilité entre Emsisoft et Sandboxie. De plus, en 2010, Emsisoft offrait d'ailleurs une promotion incluant un rabais pour l'achat de Sandboxie, en disant que les produits marchaient bien encore. Même si la promotion date de 6 ans, je crois qu'ils doivent encore bien marcher main dans la main!
  11. Salut Nitroglycerine, bienvenue sur le forum de support d'Emsisoft As-tu encore besoin d'aide avec ton problème? Si oui, pourquoi ne peux-tu pas redémarrer ton ordinateur? Est-tu capable de copier/coller le contenu du rapport d'Emsisoft ici afin que je puisse le vérifier?
  12. Seems to me like you're just taking features from every Antivirus, Antimalware, Antiexecutable, etc. you know and throw them as suggestions for Emsisoft products. That's not how a suggestion works.
  13. The Avatar Upload feature works just fine for me. Which browser did you use?
  14. My computer froze (couldn't do anything at all, only the mouse was responding/moving) directly after installing EIS v12 Beta and getting past the initial scan. Otherwise, it seems to be running fine. I might be throwing Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta tonight in the mix to see what happens though.
  15. Aura


    C'est bon à savoir