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  1. There is. It's called "Protect the computer even if no user is logged on" in Emsisoft's products.
  2. Hi mhimhdi Where do you see that Windows Defender is still active? For me it's disabled.
  3. Hi niNio You can delete the Quarantine folder, since it's of no use anymore. The malicious files that have been quarantined by Emsisoft are neutralized in the process when being moved there, so they cannot be executed. But since a new Quarantine folder have been created under Program Files, you can delete the one under Program Files (x86). You could even delete the whole Emsisoft folder under Program Files (x86) assuming that the installation really moved under Program Files.
  4. Hi spleen I think GT500's post below answer part of your question. Basically, you can choose not to check for updates/upgrades of EEK, but it means that you might have outdated definitions and/or version of the program, which will affect its potential to detect and remove malware.
  5. Hi psyberdwarf The reasons that led to Emsisoft dropping the support for Windows Vista in April 2016 can be found in the blog article below.
  6. What Pete says is correct. I'm going to be blunt here, but users that runs multiple security software at the same time because they think it'll protect their system better makes me laugh a bit. You're basically shooting yourself in the foot when going that because you have to spend a lot of time making sure all these programs are compatible with each other, troubleshoot them when a problem occur (and most of the time when you encounter a weird issue, you won't even think that using a combo of all these programs together can be the root cause) and also have to deal with sharing system resources amongst all of them. When it comes to Antivirus and Firewall, use one product, and then you can add an Antimalware after, plus an Anti-Exploit (assuming your Antivirus doesn't have one). From there, all you need to do is have good security practice and harden your web browser a bit. No need for Antivirus A, Firewall B, Antimalware C and D, Anti-Exploit E, Anti-IDontKnowWhat F, etc. I see a lot of users which calls themself "Advanced Security Users" do that, and it just proves that they don't understand anything when it comes to security.
  7. According to "Should I Remove It?", Zemana Anti-Malware install itself in: C:\Program Files\Zemana AntiMalware.
  8. You would have to exclude the Zemana folders that are in Program Files, Program Files (x86) and ProgramData if you ask me. Tonight when I get home, I can install it in a VM to see what folders are created and list them here for you.
  9. Where do you want to add the exclusions? Within Comodo Firewall, Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Zemana Anti-Malware?
  10. Hi jerryvern7 The Removal Experts on Emsisoft Forums will assist you in the Help, my PC is infected! section. Read and follow the instructions in the preparation guide to receive assistance. Good luck!
  11. As someone who used Emsisoft Anti-Malware in the past, and is now using Emsisoft Internet Security, I can tell you that none of them blocks Guild Wars 2 (I play it everyday), nor do they interfere with it
  12. You mean, disable the Web Protection module in Malwarebytes? It isn't recommended since you're removing a layer of protection, but to disable it, open Malwarebytes, then click on Settings, and go to the Detection and Protection tab, and set the Malicious Web Protection to Disabled.
  13. Does that means that in a future release of EIS, you'll stop using a WFP driver?
  14. Why? Let's take Fabian's example. If Bitdefender's engine detects 95% of malware Emsisoft's products detects, and Emsisoft's engine detects 5%, if we are talking signature-based performance, I'm pretty sure it would make Emsisoft's products better, no? If Bitdefender only relies on their engine, 95% of detection is their 100% detection ratio, but, Emsisoft have their 100% detection ratio worth only 95% of their detection ratio, and increase it by 5% with their own engine. Look up how many entries there is in Emsisoft products, 5% is a lot. Based on this, Emsisoft products would be way better, no? Plus, Emsisoft have something a lot of other Antivirus vendors do not offer: behavior blocker, which is if you ask me, one of the most efficient way to block exploits and new malware in the wild on a system. As far as I know, Bitdefender doesn't have something like that. And let's take your idea of having an "equal amount" of detections (signature-based) for both Emsisoft and Bitdefender engines. Let's take the same numbers once again, 95% (Bitdefender) and 5% (Emsisoft). You're telling us that someone should transfer around 45% of the definitions from Bitdefender's engine to Emsisoft's? How? Why? What would you gain out of it? Absolutely nothing. It would just be a major waste of time for the developers behind Emsisoft's products, time they could spend improving the products and working on new features instead. I'm sorry, but your "ideal" here doesn't make sense at all from a logical point of view. *The numbers I used in this post were just used as an example, to present my points. I do not know if these numbers are real, nor do I imply they are so you shouldn't consider these at all when judging both Bitdefender and Emsisoft products.
  15. Hi 22Green The freeware version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware doesn't provide any real-time protection, hence why it cannot be enabled, that is correct. If you want to use Emsisoft Anti-Malware with real-time protection enabled (and also all the other features it have to offer), you'll have to buy a licence.
  16. This. Also, if Bitdefender updates their database to include a detection, what's the point on keeping it in Emsisoft's engine database? It'll create useless redundancy. I think there's post here that explains that (how it works when Bitdefender and Emsisoft both detect something). I think Fabian posted about it, I'm not sure.
  17. If we are talking about malware coming from attachment in emails, as soon as you open them or try to execute them, Emsisoft's BB (Behavior Blocker) should jump in and block the execution of the file if it's malicious, so I wouldn't worry about it
  18. Hi Skat I'm currently running both Emsisoft Internet Security 11 and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro without any issue. Did you try uninstalling Malwarebytes using clean-mbam.exe, and then reinstalling it? Malwarebytes clean removal process - Also, are you currently on the stable version of EIS 11, or do you have the beta updates enabled? If so, which version of EIS are you on?
  19. If you change your default web browser to Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, does the link open in it? I just tried opening a link within the Mail app with Google Chrome as my default web browser, with EIS' Firewall on and Windows Firewall disabled and I was able to open it. Also, I don't have the Mail executable nor process in my exclusion list.
  20. The "Mail" app under Windows 10 is located here: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_17.6416.42001.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\HxMail.exeSo you would have to add this executable and process to the exclusion list. And when I was enabling the Windows Firewall with EIS enabled, EIS would turn it back off right away. Enabling two firewalls is like enabling two Antivirus: they'll conflict with each other. What if one Firewall allows a program to go through, but the other doesn't? It won't work, and you'll be stuck trying to figure it which one is blocking the other. In that case, I would disable the Windows Firewall and rely on EIS' Firewall.
  21. When you boot Windows in any Safe Mode, "most programs" (in fact, every third-party ones) aren't launched, yet Windows still boots fine. It's when it starts blocking critical Windows processes that an issue will arise, but it doesn't seems to be the case here.
  22. Hi Seymour You cannot enable the Windows Firewall when another firewall is installed on Windows, it disables it by default to avoid conflict. Also, running two firewalls would be like running two Antivirus at the same time: not recommended and could cause instability on the system. You said that she's using the built-in "Mail" app on Windows 10, right? Did you try to add that app to the exclusion list of EIS to see if it allowed her to click the links within the emails she receives? If you don't know how to do that, let me know and I'll post the instructions (or GT500/Arthur will)
  23. What I'm going to throw right now is only a possibility. It's possible for VMs to crash and virtualization software to stop working when you install too many "network filter drivers" on a Windows system. Virtualization software like VirtualBox and VMware uses them, and so does Antivirus software (like Kaspersky, ESET, etc.) so I'm sure that Emsisoft is no different. The "solution" to that issue is to change the number of allowed network filter drivers on the system. Like I said, this is only a guess and I encountered that situation only a few times in the last years, but it's still a probability. I just checked on my Windows 10, and that key doesn't exist, but it does on my Windows 7 VM. Once you changed the value (it's under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network), restart your computer. If it still doesn't work, reinstall EIS, restart your computer and see if it works after that.
  24. Well, it looks like you have a lot of threads to deal with, so I thought that I could be of use in the less technical ones to remove some workload off your back a bit
  25. I can try this out once I get home tonight, and let you know whether or not I'm able to reproduce the issue.