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  1. Even tough Android and iOS devices dominates the smartphone market? Anyone have who have a smartphone (even a Windows one) is affected. Yet a lot of users seems not to care, but only care about their computer running Windows. Even OS X's Finder feature was blamed for privacy issues some time ago.
  2. That's the thing, people don't care if they aren't affected. Everyone blames Microsoft for privacy issues, even though Apple could be thrown in the same basket (even Google) but they receive far less rant online than Microsoft and Windows 10.
  3. I would be as well But it seems that it's because EIS' Firewall and Windows Firewall clashed together and you needed to tell Windows once to use the recommended settings (which would be EIS' Firewall over the Windows one) to get things back in order. Also, is that issue only present with EIS v10 on Windows 10, or also other versions of Windows (if you know about it)?
  4. You don't have to do this everytime you need to update your EIS. I did it once, and it both my EIS and Windows Update started working again. What I'll confirm tonight is whether or not you need to do that after a restart or not. If not, it means that this is a one-time thing and could be seen as a "solution" to the EIS v10 vs Windows Update and EIS Update issue. Also, the Windows Firewall will become disabled after EIS restarts since you are using EIS' Firewall so there's no need to worry about using the Windows Firewall here.
  5. For those having issues with Windows Updates checking for updates, and Emsisoft Internet Security checking for updates as well, I might have found a workaround (that worked on my system) and I posted it here. So you can try it and let me know whether or not it worked for you. If it didn't, there's a few other things we could try.
  6. Alright, so I might have found a workaround for the users running EIS v10 (currently running v10.0.0.5735) and that cannot check for updates with either Emsisoft Internet Security and Windows Updates. What I did was simple: go in the Control Panel, click on System and Security and then Windows Firewall. Once in it, click on Use recommended settings for the Windows Firewall (requires Admin Rights). Screenshot is from Windows 10. Once done, it should turn to green, saying the Windows Firewall was enabled. Directly after that, Emsisoft Internet Security updated and asked me to restart the application to update the components, and my Windows Updates managed to check for new updates as well. Once restarted, Emsisoft Internet Security was still able to check for updates, so was my Windows Updates, the Emsisoft Internet Security's Firewall was enabled, and my Windows Firewall was back to the settings in the screenshot above (since you're using Emsisoft Internet Security's Firewall). Let me know if that workaround worked for you. If not, I have a few ideas of what we could try next.
  7. Read my post again please. If you're not ready to deal with betas, don't use them
  8. I know I'm late but I wonder why people think that Cortana is "intrusive" for doing this, but not Siri?
  9. Installed the latest beta version as of yesterday, and it also killed my Internet connection. Disabling EIS as a whole, or even adding the programs manually in the firewall didn't change anything. I had to uninstall it and install the stable release to get back online. Now I just want to say that for people who don't want to deal with issues like this, do not enable the Beta Updates. It's normal for Betas to go through bugs, glitches, etc. this is what beta testing is for. If you're not ready to spend time testing, tweaking, setting, etc. a program or game and deal with the issues, then do not use the Beta version of it, stay with the stable release.
  10. PDF files can be specially crafted to exploit a vulnerability in the program that opens them (like Adobe Reader) and then used to download and execute malicious files/code on a system. Pretty much every program that can load 3rd party content (like files) and that have known exploits or can be exploited will do that.