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  1. Installed the latest beta version as of yesterday, and it also killed my Internet connection. Disabling EIS as a whole, or even adding the programs manually in the firewall didn't change anything. I had to uninstall it and install the stable release to get back online.


    Now I just want to say that for people who don't want to deal with issues like this, do not enable the Beta Updates. It's normal for Betas to go through bugs, glitches, etc. this is what beta testing is for. If you're not ready to spend time testing, tweaking, setting, etc. a program or game and deal with the issues, then do not use the Beta version of it, stay with the stable release.

  2. PDF files can be specially crafted to exploit a vulnerability in the program that opens them (like Adobe Reader) and then used to download and execute malicious files/code on a system. Pretty much every program that can load 3rd party content (like files) and that have known exploits or can be exploited will do that.