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  1. Hi, I run the script, no restart requested from the tool. Log is attachedFixlog.txt. I've restarted manually several minutes later and doing it I've got prompt 'one program still running, preventing restart', but none was shown. And the machine continued restart, but for the sec I saw TaksHost dialog box, which I've never seen before. The restart was normal. I'll let you know if I notice anything unusual. Once again, thanks so much for understanding my situation and for helping me with this problem.
  2. Thank you. Here are logs. a2scan_150403-111852.txtFRST.txtAddition.txt
  3. Hi, When I've run script, AVZ had ('not responding' sign) for a few sec, but it finished and restarted automatically. It took a time to shoot down, as well as to turn on. The network connection had really trouble establishing, app. 20 minutes. I've restarted modem, after it first time failed. But there is no avz.log?! I've even couldn't find info that I've accessed the avz.folder. I've made eventmanager.log, it can maybe help. edited: Thinking for a while, I've decided to run first analysis with avz you had advised, it can do any harm, but it may help. event.txtvirusinfo_syscheck.zip
  4. Thank you. Please find log attached. virusinfo_syscheck.zip
  5. Hi, Here I'm again,was away from this machine, but I kept digging and checking the internet. First, I've asked at win7 forum and they suggested clean installation, after looking at a few logs of explorer crash. Looking further, I've found that synergy may cause explorer to crash, and removing it I've resolved issue, at least for now. The initial problems started after updating, some updates couldn't install. So I've run MS diagnostics and found that MSSecurityEssen was not detected as active. I remove it, run scans again, installed again. Besides I've run several MS fix tools as I found lot of
  6. Unfortunately, I've jumped into conclusions. I turned it down normally, but when I've turned on after couple of hours, windows.explorer start restarting as crazy. Even task manager stopped working twice, as I try to open skype through it. I couldn't do anything except to open my firefox, so I've downloaded skype, and run it from the browser. And,now I've finished scheduled, I'll repeat cleaning process and go to search further. Do you have any idea? Thank you for your help.
  7. Thank you very much!!! When I've run adwcleaner windows.explorer restarted twice, without me interacting, as well as after the restart. It happened also when I've run jrt. But, after jrt finished its job,I had no problem to delete 'untouchable' files (temporary word files (unhidden) on desktop that each time made win.explorer crash and restart), so I think you cured my win.explorer disease. Besides my CPU usages gets really high 70%-90% only when I'm opening a new application, for the rest its between 2-42% in last 20 minutes. That should be normal if I'm not wrong. My heartfelt thanks to you
  8. Hello and thanks in advance, I hope you can help. Windows explorer keeps restarting sometimes from it self or as I try to open a file (even in SafeMode), and CPU get really high without obvious reason. Besides I get black/blue strip/area occasionally on part of screen and youtube videos. Malewarebytes keeps blocking access to scvhost.exe, and I've already tried everything I can think of, run several programs (you can see it in FRST.text, reset browser settings (IE i Firefox) and chose no proxy for Internet, even installed Microsoft hoxfix, but problems persists. If you need any additional in
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