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  1. The only thing I would like is to know what ports are used on the remote computer for it to work through the Internet. Indeed on my local network I have no problem. It's through the Internet that it does not work. The ideal would be to create a brochure specific to the installation and setting up only Especially a procedure for setting up through the internet on remote computers is where the big problem. Ideally, provide detailed examples with port numbers so that you can understand. Understand what are the settings on the remote machine. ** For example if I install the antivirus locally no problem I find it on my interface as soon as the computer leaves my network and he goes to another place I do not see it anymore ....... Sorry for my English I do not speak a word at all I use the translator Thank you for your help because I do not find the appropriate settings
  2. Super I'm lucky Someone understood my question He said yes it was possible
  3. Hello I would like to know if it is possible to control / pilot installations from emsisoft Anti-Malware. Other than in my local network. that is to say. I have a park. Antivirus scatter everywhere. In different sites; and I wish I could manage them with the console company. all this at a distance.
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