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  1. The emergency kit was unable to remove the PUP (PriceeLaeussss 5.2) which automatically is reinstalling itself to chrome after deletion. It did however catch an item which Avast, Windows Defender, Norton Scan, Trend Micro Housecall, Hitman, Immunet, Autoruns, Hijack This, Ccleaner, ATF Cleaner, MalwareBytes, Spybot S&D and IO Bits could not identify or destroy .
  2. Long story short I have an application which has a particular UDP port being blocked that I cannot identify. I run a popular gaming platform for some of my games, steam. This in turn launches the actual game(s) I've selected. The only problem is, since installing OA, I can't play one of my games. OA has allowed the steam.exe app on multiple protocols / ports. It has allowed the game on multiple protocols / ports.. but suddenly I cannot join a lobby, even after allowing TCP/UDP in/out on all port (0-65535) in steam. The game (Call of Duty, Black Ops II Multi-player or "t6mp.exe") never shows in the history as being blocked. Disabling OA firewall allows me to instantly join a game however. Learning mode doesn't seem to help. Allowing t6mp.exe on UDP 0-65535 fixes the problem.
  3. I used to use Online Armor back in the day, but stopped for a number of years so I was able to run virtual box for various reasons. Well since I no longer use that program, I decided to return, as its by far the best personal firewall application I have come across. With that being said, I am having a few issues with it. Firstly I decided I needed to stop being lazy after a misclick on an add installed some PUPs, literally before I had the chance to click cancel on the install. (Hey sometimes running all that extra processing power isn't a good thing). I know that generally its best to get the firewall running BEFORE something happens, but that just simply isn't the case here. So I was hopping Online Armor would be able to show logs of the items it was scanning and filtering. I removed all of the malware except for one item. If I delete the extensions / BHOs from IE / FF / Chrome, they reappear the next time I open the browser. So something which isn't obvious is starting up on my system and (presumably) either adding files that these browsers automatically read/load, or interacting directly with these apps to silently install the extensions. How can I fully log / trace everything so I can end this re-install loop?