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  1. It didnt seem to create a report. I had to tell it to create one in txt form. 1.txt
  2. Most things seem ok. My web pages load a little slow sometimes. Was there anything I should be worried about? Do I need to change my passwords for things? Addition.txt scan_160921-200617.txt FRST.txt
  3. It was strange, almost like I was picking up a radio frequency, but it stopped when I closed a tab on my web browser. But nothing in the browser was playing. My Firefox does seem to be running a little slower now. AdwCleanerC0.txt JRT.txt
  4. Well I thought everything was ok, but something really weird happened this morning. I had two webpages open, Facebook and Google log in page, when all of a sudden I seemed to pick up a weird signal. I could hear someone reading off numbers. No videos were playing, But closing the Facebook tab stopped it. Possible malware? Granted it could just be interference from somewhere, but why would closing an open webpage make it stop?
  5. Thanks again! Everything seems fine. Hopefully the hacked site had just been attacked for fun and wasn't actually putting anything out, scan_160914-214248.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. I think my antivirus is blocking EEK so I turned them off to run it. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_160907-230013.txt
  7. Running the fix caused the pc to restart, I hope that's ok. Fixlog.txt Fixlog.txt
  8. Hi there, As the title says really. It wasn't intentional, it was a link to the site through a respected job website. The hacked site is a consulting/hr company's site from what I can tell, but the text on it has been replaced with random text. Norton's Safe Web site says it found 33 security risks; a "Web Attack: Mass Injection Website 19" whatever that is. And a Google search for the site shows "This site may be hacked" under the site name. I can include the site URL if needed. I ran my antivirus and malwarebytes, didn't find anything. I had no problem closing the site or my browser. I've
  9. Thanks again, have a good weekend. Fixlog.txt
  10. Everything seems to be running ok. I had to reinstall QQ and Astril. But other than that, it's ok. FRST.txt Addition.txt Scan_151014-182302.txt
  11. I'm not sure which AdwCleaner file you want. It seems to have created 3 today. My Astill VPN seems to have died again. Not sure which of the programs does that bit it happens every time so I'll reinstall that in a min. Thanks again Fixlog.txt JRT.txt AdwCleanerC2.txt AdwCleanerS3.txt Quarantine.log
  12. Hi again. I've been out of town so that's why it's been a while until I posted in the forum like you suggested. I've had a couple of BSOD recently for no apparent reason. Last one I had no programs running and when I came back to my PC, it had the blue screen. I did receive a piece of spam mail from a "[email protected]". I opened it to see what it was, didn't click on anything in the email because I looked like a phising scam, so I just deleted it. But could it have loaded something by just opening the email? EEK seemed to try and update a load of things this time, but again had the "Could not
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