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  1. It didn't work as expected, I want just to scan .exe but when I run the scan it didn't work I mean it didn't scan anything.
  2. No that button going to send you to turn off the alerts completely..
  3. Yea too late, that virus hit +10000 EXE of my collected programs.
  4. I know, it's an external HDD and VSS is not enabled, thus I have exported the quarantine logs to find out what files needs to be replaced with new files, also about the VSS I don't advice to rely on it since it is unreliable and miss in most situations, thanks for replays.
  5. Yeah we need such that thing with emsisoft products
  6. Copying a lot of data from partition to another, emsisoft anti-malware found many virus, not virus is my problem, the problem is the ALERT itself, it keeps sliding up every second and fading out slowly, I keep closing it then another popup come and so on, even the copying has done long time ago, I cant believe there's no method to control the ALERT that way to mute it temporary at least in such situations, without turn off the whole Alerts in the options., plus I need a way to control the animation speed and I don't want the fade out effect, it slows down the whole things down.
  7. I asked a just simple question, is there any way on the earth to recover a .exe file after it get infected by Win32.Neshta.A (B) or I "have to" find another clean copy of those infected executables.
  8. OMG that was easy as foo, Thanks!
  9. Maybe I stupid, but how could I customize the manual scan to just scan specific extensions, I'm on emsisoft anti-malware..
  10. This stinkin Win32.Neshta.A (B) came and killed every single .exe file on my 1tb hdd, as soon as possible I installed emsisfot anti-malware, then after it get installed I found that .exe can't be launched, I found an .inf to fix that, then again launched the anti-malware to scan the mess. ithe task bar get killed as well, any way after some several restarts the emsisfot anti-malware handled the situation and got green, my quesion is how to revocer those infected files, because emsisfot anti-malware cant fix files, it's just delete or quarantine..
  11. Of course, and it's enabled by default.
  12. I've tried EIS & EAM, and now on EAM, I was using ESET IS, to be honest, nothing can beat the firewall of the Eset, or the firewall of the Comodo, so I've decided to use EAM with a 3rd-party firewall, I chose Comodo firewall for that job. The problem is that EMISOFT products are using a lot of memory, way more than my previous software, (see the attached pic). ESET Internet Security was using just 100MB of memory!
  13. After this contest I felt like internet security is just a joke! who's agree with me? http://www.pcworld.com/article/2899952/all-major-browsers-hacked-at-pwn2own-contest.html
  14. It's a new implementation by Mozilla to support WebRTC, =Hello.
  15. I got this plug-in as well, it's related to http://www.openh264.org/index.html
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