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  1. It didn't work as expected, I want just to scan .exe but when I run the scan it didn't work I mean it didn't scan anything.
  2. No that button going to send you to turn off the alerts completely..
  3. Yea too late, that virus hit +10000 EXE of my collected programs.
  4. I know, it's an external HDD and VSS is not enabled, thus I have exported the quarantine logs to find out what files needs to be replaced with new files, also about the VSS I don't advice to rely on it since it is unreliable and miss in most situations, thanks for replays.
  5. Yeah we need such that thing with emsisoft products
  6. Copying a lot of data from partition to another, emsisoft anti-malware found many virus, not virus is my problem, the problem is the ALERT itself, it keeps sliding up every second and fading out slowly, I keep closing it then another popup come and so on, even the copying has done long time ago, I cant believe there's no method to control the ALERT that way to mute it temporary at least in such situations, without turn off the whole Alerts in the options., plus I need a way to control the animation speed and I don't want the fade out effect, it slows down the whole things down.
  7. I asked a just simple question, is there any way on the earth to recover a .exe file after it get infected by Win32.Neshta.A (B) or I "have to" find another clean copy of those infected executables.
  8. OMG that was easy as foo, Thanks!
  9. Maybe I stupid, but how could I customize the manual scan to just scan specific extensions, I'm on emsisoft anti-malware..
  10. This stinkin Win32.Neshta.A (B) came and killed every single .exe file on my 1tb hdd, as soon as possible I installed emsisfot anti-malware, then after it get installed I found that .exe can't be launched, I found an .inf to fix that, then again launched the anti-malware to scan the mess. ithe task bar get killed as well, any way after some several restarts the emsisfot anti-malware handled the situation and got green, my quesion is how to revocer those infected files, because emsisfot anti-malware cant fix files, it's just delete or quarantine..
  11. Of course, and it's enabled by default.
  12. I've tried EIS & EAM, and now on EAM, I was using ESET IS, to be honest, nothing can beat the firewall of the Eset, or the firewall of the Comodo, so I've decided to use EAM with a 3rd-party firewall, I chose Comodo firewall for that job. The problem is that EMISOFT products are using a lot of memory, way more than my previous software, (see the attached pic). ESET Internet Security was using just 100MB of memory!
  13. After this contest I felt like internet security is just a joke! who's agree with me? http://www.pcworld.com/article/2899952/all-major-browsers-hacked-at-pwn2own-contest.html
  14. It's a new implementation by Mozilla to support WebRTC, =Hello.
  15. I got this plug-in as well, it's related to http://www.openh264.org/index.html
  16. Reminds me of the "hardware keyloggers" those old days when people start to talk about it as if it a real threat to them but in reality it is not that so serious to any body, "physical threat" vs "software threat" , a big difference. For example, let's take any computer operating system, most of them got a way to bypass the "admin"/"root" password, but "PHYSICALLY" means must be someone on the pc to do it, any way, in real life the "physically attacks" not meant for any body and it's for some VIPs only.
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