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  1. I was mistaken. There are commands at https://central.emsisoft.com that let you locate, message (with alarm option), lock, or wipe. Although there's no SMS texting option anymore, it is still easy enough for me to access the web portal from either a PC or a mobile device. So I do have the other half of what I expect from a mobile security app. I'm satisfied with my Emsisoft purchases.
  2. Blast Google's restrictions!!!!!!!!! Alas, these legalities must be respected. I just renewed two Android devices and one Win10 PC on 7/12/1019, and entirely half my reason in doing so was because of the functional SMS data commands that I could send from my wife's smartphone (one of my former trusted devices for this purpose) to my Android phone to locate it whenever lost or stolen. So, why then do you still have the SMS help page at https://help.emsisoft.com/en/1901/how-do-i-use-sms-commands-in-emsisoft-mobile-security/ And why do you mention the online portal at https://central.emsisoft.com/ that has no SMS functionality. All that does in a web browser, whether from one of my mobile devices or from my Win10 PC, is make you log into your Google account. That only leads to a display of your protected mobile devices. I does not lead to any possibility to issue any semblance of the old SMS commands to send an alert, a message, get a screen snapshot, a smartphone wipe, etc. Please remove all this misleading SMS information. Besides having told us Emsisoft users that there is no such former SMS mobile functionality, Emsisoft should also state that there is no similar web based functionality either. Simply state that for any such functionality we have to go elsewhere other than through Emsisoft, because of Google restrictions. Well, now I need to find a different solution of locating my Android phone if it is ever lost. 🙁 Half of good mobile security is the ability to find a lost device. Emsisoft is still a good product even though it has lost this functionality.
  3. Life is a river, changing at the blink of an eye.

  4. I have Emsisoft on my Windows 10 PC, my android LG V30 phone, and my android tablet, which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T820. This tablet is wi-fi only. Given a situation where the tablet has been misplaced, is it possible to find it through Emsisoft anti-theft if, wherever it happens to be, it is connected to the internet?
  5. I've just renewed my two PC license and am now running Emsisoft Internet Security ver. 2017.3.1.7353 on Winsows 10.0.14393. Before the renewal, every so often (about once every other month) Windows has reported that Emsisoft Internet had stopped working. A rare and quirky event. Still, Emsisoft Internet Security is my favorite firewall and anti-virus. That's why I renewed again.
  6. I have not had a recurrence of this on/off phenomena since updating to EIS 12.0 Am following this thread, and if I have a recurrence I will get a diagnostic log to Emisisoft as per link instructions. thank you
  7. Hold off on an Emisisoft response. Just upgraded Emisisoft Internet Security from 11.0 to 12.0. Will update any Win10 activity notifications that report that EIS has stopped, or the lack of. Will post a reply here (barring uncontrolled circumstance(s)) by 10/27/2016
  8. 10/19/2016 Running latest and fully updated Emisisoft Internet Security ver. 11.0 on fully updated Windows 10 Home 64-bit Build 14393. I been getting these same notifications, turning Emisisoft back on and "trusting" this application. So, Emisisoft, will you respond as you did two years ago saying this will be fixed in a future version?
  9. OK, I looked at this again and figured it was obvious. No wonder there were no replies. Emisoft blocks any behavior checked as "blocked". duh!
  10. Emsisoft Internet Security Ver: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Under "Application Rules" and selecting file_name.exe, then double clicking "Custom" under the "Behavior Blocker" column, it opens up the 19 behaviors with corresponding check boxes to either Allow or Block. Does checking the Allow box give the particular file_name.exe permission to carry out that behavior? OR, does checking the Allow box give Emsisoft Internet Security permission to block that behavior?
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