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  1. Nice! https://t.co/CT0yJhzUd9

  2. Monster Hunter World looks fantastic! Didn't pay much attention, but damm, I'm in!

  3. Intel's i3 CPU's now have 4 cores and i5 and i7 6 cores. Great time to upgrade!

  4. @mediamarkt_nl Waarom hebben jullie ineens de 18% korting ingetrokken op Lenovo Legion PC's en Laptops?

  5. @barefootmatthew What happened to the new Health Bar draining effect from the demo? It's not in the final build :(.

  6. @WoodenPotatoes Stay strong :)!

  7. @TinyTitanGames Teasing ;)?

  8. I only get offended if someone I know and love is saying bad shit about me, I don't care about randoms calling me things.

  9. "Looks like my summer vacation is... over." ~Roxas https://t.co/cWLpuTrPnI

  10. Playing RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic on my phone makes me feel old lol 😫

  11. Yakuza Kiwami 2, yessss!

  12. Hard games with not enough checkpoints, I hate it.

  13. Jup, it fixed ! Should everything be fine or is it recommended to reinstall EAM (don't know if some files are damaged by the update bug)? EDIT: Can someone from the EAM team answer this question please?
  14. After downloading the (emalware.204) signatures it asks me to reboot the computer, but after rebooting, it not only starts downloading the same update, but also asks me to reboot the computer again. It keeps looping like this. Someone posted the exact same problem on the German part of the forums. What is going on?
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