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  1. after update computer won't boot

    I'll just leave this here then, recorded now (after checking to see how, ah well...): Does seem to be a delay in registering that hours between updates change, doesn't it? And I did say do a manual update, not wait for it to update again...
  2. after update computer won't boot

    While I wouldn't be particularly surprised that it doesn't work after getting the recent version (should teach people to stay on delayed... not that it in any way gives the control that should be absolutely mandatory for any program whatsoever, namely to just notify of available updates and let the user decide if and when to install, but at least avoids some of the worst things like this to some extent), make sure it did indeed do a full update after it actually registered the switch to delayed. Noticed that settings changes may take a while, maybe up to a minute, to register, at least according to logs, so after installing do not reboot, even if it asks to, even if it updates. Let it do its business, then switch to delayed, give it a moment (check logs? think that such a switch should be listed there... but not going to switch to stable now to check, not even for a moment and with updates disabled, nope), then manually run an update, and then reboot. Alternately, if it runs in safe mode (never tried), boot in safe mode with networking, open EAM and update it to the delayed version from there. Delayed version should be 2018.2.1.8483.
  3. EAM v10 is the one for Windows XP, which I saw in a recent thread ( ) they said they discontinued updates for in February. Also recall a thread with somebody installing a v10 kit and then hoping the program will update itself to the latest version and it didn't do so, and they said it indeed won't, but can't find that anymore. So I'm guessing EAM was installed recently from a very old offline installer? So, yes, you should install a new version if you want to keep receiving updates, but keep in mind that 2018.3-2018.4 conflict with Comodo Firewall (and apparently also with the old Emsisoft Online Armor, for those who kept it around), so if you use any of those (and possibly other stuff as well) you will want to switch to the delayed updates, in order to get 2018.2.1 (yes, it will also downgrade if you installed the latest version first, just don't reboot, as that will trigger the conflict).
  4. after update computer won't boot

    At least a month after, normally...
  5. after update computer won't boot

    You should be able to still use EAM paired with CFW if you switch to the delayed branch, right?
  6. Password

    Settings -> Permissions If you want it to apply to all accounts, I think you must first restrict everyone's access, including that of administrators, and then set the master key password.
  7. after update computer won't boot

    On the business aspect, you can have a product that generates losses if you think it brings awareness and may draw clients to other products that do pay, consider its costs as advertising costs for your brand. And otherwise, some don't do what they do for the profits, or see it as a business at all. If all did, you wouldn't have open source software, wikis or other collaborative projects, or volunteering of any sort if going away from IT... Speaking in general, I mean, since you moved this to a general discussion. (Will I be told it's off topic again?)
  8. after update computer won't boot

    I was thinking they're earning from certificates, plus the (optionally) paid CIS. As for that, as long as you can uncheck everything in installer, so it won't affect anyone who actually looks, no complaints from me.
  9. Hey, you pointed me to the discussions here, of course I'll be saying the same things I've been telling you... And this is one heck of a major issue, and like I said, testing with security software that offers the features you don't (anymore) should be a priority (likely second only to testing on all currently supported Windows versions, including 32/64 bit and different patching approaches), to ensure people who want the whole package can mix and match. (Meanwhile, I'm still browsing awkwardly to avoid the other issue, quite critical if I may add.)
  10. ... while unfortunately they seem to be sacrificing compatibility with security solutions dealing with separate aspects that they no longer provide. Referring here to the incompatibility with Comodo Firewall (so firewall, HIPS, sandboxing, monitoring of connections and program behavior, all of which being features no longer provided by Emsisoft) introduced by this version that supposedly fixed compatibility problems with those other security solutions that offer overlapping features. Way I see it, especially since they decided to no longer include those features (long ago, with the elimination of Online Armor), thorough testing to ensure compatibility with programs that do offer them should be mandatory. And I mean internal testing, before anything even gets to the beta channel, not pushing it even on stable as they did with 2018.3. (At least there's delayed, where they didn't push it (yet), but...)
  11. after update computer won't boot

    That's if they're selling it. May notice that most separate firewalls that still exist are free, including Comodo.
  12. after update computer won't boot

    Like I said, I definitely won't be replacing Comodo with anything. Great firewall, plus HIPS and sandboxing, prompts for everything, monitoring, details too, easy to create rules (or not, when answering prompts), how can you go wrong? And there are very few real options left even for just a decent firewall, sadly. But did find these lists at one point: - - But I'm not seeing anything there, at least out of those that are still being developed, that can compare.
  13. scan use 90% of processor

    I keep saying that I ran away from BitDefender after using it for over 10 years and decided against the other major players in the field just because I want the opposite of simplicity and set and forget and all that stuff. And that sure seems more complicated than a setting in the program to see right there and just change with a click if you do want the behavior to change, as the OP seems to. (I don't, don't normally expect to use my computer while a scan is running, but will always speak out against removing features and options.) Also, how do you use that technique to make it use, say, half the cores.
  14. scan use 90% of processor

    There used to be a setting for the maximum number of cores to use, but guess at some point the devs threw that on the ever longer list of things they decided users can't possibly want...
  15. Cant update

    Does seem to me that those systems are less insecure with an antimalware solution installed than without.