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  1. Thank you for your help and assistance Kevin!
  2. Hi RKreport_SCN_12212015_193043.txt
  3. It did not specify, it just said attack intercepted and I should scan immediately with hitman pro which I did and it detected nothing is this something to worry about?
  4. Update: hitman pro.alert just notified me with an attack interception here are the updated FRST and and Additional Logs FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Everything has and is still running fine scan_151218-200725.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Nothing much has changed things are the same, also were the issues you found serious? scan_151216-192834.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Things seem much better thank you. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_151215-205133.txt
  8. Hi, here is the fixlog (there was no restart needed). Fixlog.txt
  9. Hi recently I have been encountering some unusual things such as unexpected crashes,high disk usage and other symptoms which have led to me to believe i'm infected. Although nothing is found by Emsisoft I would like the conformation my system is clean. Thanks in advance! FRST.txt Addition.txt Scan_151213-232814.txt
  10. Thank you for the update guy's, I have updated to EIS 11 beta everything seems good so far!
  11. Does the latest beta also fix the issue whereby you cannot update windows due to the firewall being active?
  12. She explained to me how she doesn't like the lack of features, she also keeps complaining how its different to what she's used to she says its hard to navigate, I was the one who gave her the money to buy it, I have even showed her how to navigate and use the features many times but she still seems unsatisfied so I told her I will request a refund (We both use the same licence).
  13. Hi Pete but regarding the refund would this this still be possible? my mother who also uses EIS is not happy with the product
  14. I'm starting to feel i'm not 100% protected
  15. This seems a lot complicated than I expected, I bought EIS thinking everything would be ok and there wouldn't be any firewall issues. Is their any chance I would be able to get a refund for my product?
  16. Sorry for all the questions but I recently bought Emsisoft Internet Security and i'm not sure if the firewall is working with windows 10, is there a way to check?
  17. Is it safe to have beta updates enabled? since the updates are untested surely there is a risk of doing that?
  18. I'm currently encountering a issue with EIS whereby the product won't update, I'm presented with the following error message: Thank you in advance!
  19. Thank you for your quick response and help the text document has been attached. EmsiClean_2015.08.27_13.03.39.txt
  20. I recently un installed Emsisoft Internet Security to go back to Emsisoft Anti Malware but every time I run the setup for Emsisoft Anti Malware I get a message saying I have Emsisoft Internet Security currently installed so i'm contacting the support as I have been told in the error message.
  21. Here are my 'Farbar Recovery Scan Tool' logs i'm just curious to whether i'm infected or not? thanks in advance also there is no EEK scan log as I could not create one due to the fact nothing was picked up by it. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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