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  1. So basically I was wondering if malware in a winrar folder would be detected and deleted by Emsisoft Anti Malware because I have been infected by a program which is located in a win rar, when I scan it, it is not detected however when I extract it to the desktop it is detected so is malware in a winrar folder harmless?
  2. So I recently bought EAM (Emsisoft Anti Malware) as another protection utility to go with my Kaspersky Total Security. I knew that I needed an anti malware to go with my anti virus, I did my research and found out Emsisoft is more than likely the one for me. I tried to do some research about compatibility between these two products but I could not seem to find an up to date answer so I thought I would ask it here. Can I run Emsisoft Anti Malware Simultaneously with Kaspersky Total Security or will it produce performance issues? PC Specs: OS: Windows 8.1 RAM: 16GB @ 1600Mhz CPU: i7 4790k @ 4.0Ghz (Not sure if that's relevant ^) Thanks in advance!
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