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  1. It has been months at least. Isn't Frank H getting tired of having to manually send poor fools .dll files every time someone unwittingly buys a bunch of seats only to realize the Console doesn't even work?? I bought seats enough for my entire company and the enterprise console is very unwieldy compared to the competition such as the Malwarebytes Management Console. Automated installation was a chore, and I have noticed with the recent client updates that many of the enterprise policies pushed from the Enterprise Console no longer work. For instance all of the clients inform the users of scans, and they have full control over their client scans - And can start and stop the scans at will, even though the user/computer policy in the Enterprise Console forbids it. The console is not ready for prime-time and in my opinion Emsisoft should be being sold as an enterprise solution at this time. It is not. I have supplemented Emsisoft with Malwarebytes on my networks due primarily to the deficiencies in Emsisoft's console and malware detection. If it doesn't change I will not renew when the subscription is up. RELEASE AN UPDATED CONSOLE!!
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