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  1. Sorry about that Kevin - here are the files: FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. My system hangs for a bit - notice it mostly when browsing the internet. It hangs enough that I get a page not found, then it refreshes and opens up. Not sure what is causing it but thought I''d start here. EEK shows nothing. FRST files are attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt Your help is most appreciated.
  3. Actually, I just noticed in looking at the JRT report that I ran Windows Home but I have Pro. Perhaps thats what caused the issue. Please close this; will check back in if I experience future problems. Elaine
  4. My system was running a little sluggish yesterday, so ran the below as listed. After JRT ran something was seriously wrong. Tried troubleshooting but it didnt work. Had to restore Windows. This is what I did: EEK (nothing found) and FRST. Addition_03-12-2016 20.17.08.txtFRST_03-12-2016 20.17.08.txt Then I ran Chrome cleanup tool, nothing found. Reset Chrome. Then Hitmanpro HitmanPro_20161203_2035.log Then ADWCleaner. AdwCleanerS0.txtAdwCleanerC0.txt Then JRT......and everything seized. JRT.txt Things are mostly back to normal but is there something here I should worry about?
  5. want to install the windows upgrade and would like to be sure the system is clean - does the log look ok?
  6. Fixlog.txtJRT.txtAdwCleanerC1.txt
  7. i have a Dell Venue 11 that is rarely used but since my lap top was having issues been using it. Run windows 10 & defender. eek.txtAddition.txtFRST.txt
  8. Tried running it on Tuesday and it failed. But tried again and this time It completed!! And it seems to be much better. Still a bit of lag between processes and takes a lot of time on reboot but at least its working. Thanks!
  9. Got the blue screen of death so was able to restore the system back to 7/20. Something is hanging it up and don't know what to do now. Was able to run FRST and EEK (took an hour to complete). EEK shows nothing. FRST files attached. Delays when rebooting and opening programs. Addition.txtFRST.txt Any help is most appreciated.
  10. Addition.txtFRST.txt Reran Google chrome cleanup tools - says no programs found. (Trovi is not in the list of programs it will clear.) EEk still clean. Here's FRST files
  11. Addition.txtFRST.txt eek still shows nothing - here are the FRST files.
  12. Addition.txtFRST.txt Ok - got it to work. EEK shows nothing found.
  13. Something is still hanging up. I ran EEK and nothing found. Tried to run FRST and the program is stuck in a cycle of updating - starts to update, completes update, then starts to update, completes update, etc. Had to stop using Task Manager. Removed app, rebooted, redownloaded app, but it still cycles. Help!
  14. Adaware issue resolved (I hope!) New files attached. EEK shows no issues. Addition.txtFRST.txt Its still hanging up occasionally.
  15. Fixlog.txtRan the fix Then adaware started to reinstall itself, all by itself. I cancelled the installation but there seems to be some files still on the system - when I try to uninstall it I get an Error 1721 stating that there's a problem wth the uninstall command. I'm running Adwcleaner & JRT again and will post resutls shortly.
  16. FRST.txtAddition.txt No errors from EEK. Continues to run better.
  17. JRT.txtAdwCleanerC1.txt seems to be working better
  18. Fixlog.txtdone still seems to running slowly......
  19. system working slow...........ran a few programs and came up with 2 PUPs but now fragments of Ad-aware remain on the system. Trust you can help me clean things up. Addition.txteek.txtFRST.txt
  20. do you have a driver utility that you would recommend? One that updates outdated drivers. Thanks!
  21. scan_151117-182622.txt Addition.txtFRST.txt things are running well (despite the two items picked up by EEK)