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  1. (Note to mods and flamers - this is a genuine review, not intended as flamebait or trolling - just my own experience - thought it might be useful) I've finally removed Online Armor (Free) after trialling it for 2 months - I just wanted to provide some feedback for you. About me - I'm 33, and I've grown up owning or using just about every version of Windows since 3.1 onwards (excluding ME and Vista). Before that I used MSDOS, and I've owned Macs from OS9 to 10.6 - I'm also familiar with Ubuntu for 6.x to 10.x In terms of security software I've tried pretty much all of the free packages over
  2. Just a suggestion for you to consider. Like other users I have had 'trouble' with the number of popups that appear during software installations, even after selecting 'Install Mode'. So my suggestion is for OA to offer the user the option to enter Learning Mode after it detects say 5 'popups' in quick succession. A prompt could say something like 'Online Armor has detected that you are installing software - if you are sure you trust this software you can enter Learning Mode to prevent these popups. Learning Mode will be enabled for the next 5 minutes'.... something like that anyway.
  3. Thanks Nick - yes that's the same as the pop up I saw - I selected Remember, Trust and Install every time it came up. I had the same issue when I installed Intel App Up and Angry Birds - LOADS of pop ups despite clicking all three boxes. Would disabling Program Guard stop these permenantly?
  4. I think the problem was I didn't choose install mode before I started the install, I selected it in the pop ups that came on screen.
  5. I've been using Online Armor for about a month, but am finding it extremely frustrating dealing with the number of popups that I'm presented with when installing new software. For example, the other day I installed 'LibreOffice' (new version of OpenOffice) - and OA repeadedly popped up asking me if I wanted to run ceratin parts of the installer - I selected Allow, Trusted and Install mode, and asked OA to remember my decision whenever one of these came up, but must have had to click through at least 20 to get the program to install. What is the easiest way to stop this? Should I just disabl
  6. Thanks for the link - makes it clear now - I understand now that HIPS refers to everything apart from the Firewall features.
  7. The documentation is unclear in relation to the HIPS protection in OA - so I'm just trying to find out what it actually refers to. In the FAQ the only reference is here http://www.tallemu.com/webhelp3/How_strong_is_oa_HIPS.htm - telling me how great it is. In the program itself the only option is to disable and enable via a right click menu - with no indication of what is being disabled. So all I need to know is - Which elements of OA are defined as HIPS? Is just Program Guard? Or Web Shield? Or Both? Or something else entirely?
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