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  1. Hey, i really like that product, but emsisoft has a weak point, either it trusts powershell, or it cant detect powershell netwalker ransomware, i already made a topic in malware submisson, and it only detects via on scan, when i run it, it encrypts everything, emsisoft's behaviour blocker is unable able to do anything, its a new technique that bypasses emsisoft behaviour blocker its called "process hollowing", you can see it here https://www.cynet.com/attack-techniques-hands-on/netwalker-ransomware-report/ can you please forward this to the development team? this is the only downside of the product, thanks!
  2. I had other Av installed (Kaspersky) And I wanted to try the new version of Emsisoft, because I like this product, but there is some kind of problem that I cant figure it out myself, uninstalled Zemana antilogger, but still no success.
  3. I have tried many times the microsoft's fix, it wont help it is always saying "the fix is not applicable to your computer". here is FIRST and addition. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Hey Arthur, The problem is still not solved, its exactly as it was before, I did what you said.
  5. Installed it and it will not start, I have sent a message (log) to GT500 thanks.
  6. Hey GT500, I think the problem is solved, I have reinstalled the product and installed again and the problem has gone, but here is what you have asked: FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Hey there, once I click "disable all components" and then "enable all" it takes up to 14 seconds to resume the protection again (I have win 8.1 pro) I just have noticed it, it wasnt in the previous builds. Its a huge delay, because once I download some malware, it will inject before the emsisoft can react.
  8. It could be Hitmanpro bug.. Because the system looks clean. scan_160309-151517.txt FRST.txt
  9. Hey Kevin: However its coming back. Properties Name kino-tor_net_-_785679.exe Location C:\Users\***\Downloads Size 3.5 MB Time 56.6 days ago (2016-01-07 20:13:27) Entropy 6.3 SHA-256 7AD4D58048E77C47788488E209CE748840E2873960EFBA12395D1004D962FB66 Detection Names Bitdefender Gen:Variant.Adware.Jatif.296 Kaspersky not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Win32.Generic Scoring (126.0) One or more antivirus vendors have indicated that the file is malicious. The file is completely hidden from view and most antivirus products. It may belong to a rootkit. Authors name is missing in version info. This is not common to most programs. Version control is missing. This file is probably created by an individual. This is not typical for most programs. Fixlog.txt
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