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  1. Hiya, Much clearer with that set of instructions, thank you - sorry to sound like an idiot; instructions in words of one syllable were just the thing. All seems ok now, thanks for your help - hopefully I won't need to speak to you again! Cheers, Louise
  2. Hi again, OK, here's what happens: >1. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties. Start - rightclick on 'Computer' - click 'Properties' = all fine. >2. Click the System Restore tab. I don't have one. I have 'Device Manager', 'Remote settings', 'System protection' and 'Advanced system settings' in a list on the left and the panel on the right is the basic info about 'you are using Windows Vista' etcetc. That image in the last reply is nothing like the image I see - maybe this is a Vista thing?? In 'System properties' there is a 'System protection' tab which offers the option to create restore points, but I'm guessing that's not the right place? Sorry to be a pain... Louise
  3. Hi, OK. But does it matter about the system restore stuff? No idea what I'm doing with that, either. L
  4. Hiya, OK, this is where I had problems before and I have the same again. I uninstalled ComboFix fine and deleted the other stuff OK, but I don't have/can't find the C:\AvoidTDSS or C:\ComboFix folder you mention, or the C:\!KillBox file/folder/whatever. I have only ISeeYouXP as a program to run, not as a folder with "HideIT.bat" to find. And I can't find an option to turn off system restore, only to create a system restore point. In the meantime, I'm going to update Windows and see what happens. Sorry if this makes me sound like an idiot, but I'm doing my best, I'm just a person who uses a computer, not a person withknowledge about them... Louise
  5. Hiya, No problems, and things seem to be running ok - no sign of more hotmail spam. Logs attached. Many thanks, Louise
  6. Hello, Things seem to be running ok, other than losing a few internet settings (which I'm assuming was supposed to happen, and frankly is no bother at all). Logs attached - I hope I'm able to leave you alone again soon! I added the Attach.txt as though you didn't ask it seemed to come as part of the package with DDS... Cheers, Louise
  7. Hello again, Thanks for the assist, sorry it's taking so long... Two reports attached. Cheers, Louise
  8. Hiya, I uninstalled ComboFix ok, but can't find C:\!KillBox to delete whatever was in it. Of the list of things, I didn't have many, but deleted what I could find. Ran ATF Cleaner ok. I only seem to have ISeeYou as a single program, not a folder, so not sure what to do about the HideIT.bat part - nor about the system restore part, as I can't find a 'system restore' tab... Sorry - perhaps I'm just a particularly rubbish computer user! Oh, and although I had no notification of it in my hotmail, I apparently spammed one of my pals with the same virus yet again last night. It's always turned up in my sent mail before, so this is a bit weird (not to mention annoying). Cheers for your patience... Louise
  9. Hiya, Right, I've done all the latest scans, logs attached. Things seem to be running ok - though the Avast warning of spyware which I was getting on startup has vanished despite me not having done anything about the things it discovered. The latest scan turned up a Trojan though. One thing: when running ComboFix, it updated before running, then on rebooting I got the following message - not sure it's important but thought I'd mention it: MarketingTools.exe - Application error Process ID 0xfc0(4032), Thread ID 0xfbc(4028) OK to terminate, CANCEL to debug - I OK'd and CF carried on as usual. Once again, thanks for your help, Louise
  10. PS I've just tried my hotmail and it seems to be behaving - though I hesitate to say it's ok since it's hard to tell in just a quick login. It also tells me my default browser is no longer Internet Explorer, which I find disconcerting! Tho not necessarily a bad thing if it makes my mail a little safer... Cheers, L
  11. Hiya, Thanks for the idiot-proof instructions! Logs are attached. Running the ComboFix it said it found rootkit issues and rebooted itself. Then I reran the CF and got the log as attached. When I turned the Avast back on, it popped up with an alert that it had found spyware (C:\winnt_\winnR1.exe) but I hit 'no action' in case quarantining it hid it... It hadn't alerted me like this before, so I guess it either found something new or found something it had missed previously? Everything seems to be is running fine other than hotmail - after the last set of scans, it closed itself several times and reran the virus meaning I spammed a few (long-suffering) friends. I haven't tried it yet tonight, I'll do so after logging this message and add a PS. Other than the hotmail issues (only from my home computer, nowhere else), all was and is (ok, seems to be) well. Thanks for your help, Louise
  12. Hi, I got virus'd via an email a week or so back and though I've tried a couple of times to find and delete the cause (I think a Trojan - I certainly found one in a previous search) I'm having the same trouble with my email system. I followed the instructions elsewhere, downloaded and ran the stuff, and I hope I've attached the logs etc correctly! Cheers for your help, Louise PS I'm not hugely computer-literate, so any replies/advice in words of one syllable with babysteps-instructions would be appreciated...
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