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  1. Dear all, Please accept my apologies for wrongly incriminating On Line Armor. I discovered I'm fully responsible of the issue. Avast isn't responsible either as explained in Jan 19 reply above. To doublecheck this, I uninstalled totally Avast last week and the internet access was still randomly blocked. The root cause was my DNS setting within TCP/IP protocol. I didn't notice that ClearCloudDNS service that I was using since several years had been discontinued and no longer available for consumer use. IP and DNS parameters set back to Automatic, the internet connection is now totally operational and even faster than before. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. Unfortunately, the problem re-occured last Sat, bloquing all connections (including Avast one) and finally bloquing the whole PC. I uninstalled Online Armor to switch to Win XP home firewall. I'll let you know within a week the results
  3. No problem, now I understand. Thanks for the correction I now added C:\Programs Files\Online Armor and C:\Documents and Settings\*\Application Data\OnlineArmor to the Settings/Antivirus\Exclusions/File Paths. I'll let you know within a week whether the issue is totally solved.
  4. After 1 week of test, the issue unfortunately re-occurs, yet randomly but at a lower frequency. To answer your points: I re-start indeed the computer after any change. I feel that I have the up to date Free Avast version (2014 v9.0.2013 released yesterday) where I can't find the global exclusion you're referring to. May the global exclusion feature limited to the Pro suite? 1 month ago, I checked on the avast forum that earlier versions than 2014 v9.0.2011 had issues (that I experienced). Since this update to 2014 v9.0.2011, avast issues are fixed but I experience issues with oa...
  5. Hello, Thanks for you answer. Today's connection was fine, Murphy's law ? Anyway, I followed your proposal: In Avast file Agent, as I couldn't find a Global Exclusions as you mention, I added "C:\Documents and Settings\*\Application Data\OnlineArmor" ("C:\Programs Files\Online Armor" was already added) I used a * rather than all 6x accounts I have on my PC. For information, in the Avast web agent, OA processes are already added to the exclusions (oasrv.exe...) In OA options\exclusions, I added 7x "C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\Application Data\AVAST Software" for the 6x accounts plus All users one. I couldn't manage to use a *. Subfolders are ticked included. ("C:\Program File\AVAST Software" was already added) I'll let you know whether this random update issue blocks internet access in the coming days with these new settings.
  6. Anyother idea? In the mean time, I switched OA to English so that you have the exact message copied from history log: Automatic Update failed,19/01/2014 13:08:06,None,"OA: Cannot process online updates. Please check the internet connection settings or contact the support., , Socket Error # 11001, Host not found." The connection seems ok as in the mean time, Avast connection is status is "connected", it downloaded and installed up to date files.
  7. Hello, Thank you for your answer. Yes I have. C:\Program Files\AVAST Software is added to the exclusions and the subfolder option is ticked
  8. Hello, Firslty, thank you for your products. Since Avast update last December to 2014 version, I experience issues with OA bloquing randomly internet access. Message seen on OA status page, in the update area is close to "host unfindable, socket error #11001" (translation from French). Re-start is needed every times it happens until OA updates are successful. Several re-starts are sometimes needed. In the worst case, the PC is totally bloqued. Enclosed yesterday log files, the last time I experienced this issue. Config Windows XP family SP3 Free Antivirus Avast 2014.9xxx with oacat, oahlp, oasrv and oaui processes excluded in Avast Free OA 7.0.xxx downloaded from your site with avastsvc and avastui excluded in OA No other security applications active. Free Malwarebytes AM 1.75.xxx installed (scan on demand only in the free version) Thanks beforehand for your support. Logs.rar
  9. SOLVED Many thanks. Your memory was correct. Downloading the setup file directly from Emsisoft server is the solution. For information, the differences that I noticed for the setup file: from Cnet.com: version 4.5, 20 196 ko from emsisoft: version 4.0, 19 489 ko (although during installation, the version indicated is the same as Cnet one
  10. Yes I was. Shouldn't I? Acc. to the installation specs, I switched off Windows Firewall and I temporarily switched off Avast anti-virus. Avast was automatically on when I rebooted.
  11. Yes I did. During installation, I'm also careful to select Firewall Free and neither Premium nor ++ versions.
  12. Hello, I try to install Firewall Free 4.5. I cannot as I'm requested at 1st start a (computer name and) register key that I've not received although I've provided my e-mail addres during installation. I double-checked that I downloaded the Free version (at http://download.cnet.com/Online-Armor-F ... tag=button) What should I do? Thanks beforehand.
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