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  1. Hello, I am a current subscriber for EMSISOFT Anti-Malware, I am curious if this software has protection against resource hijack from online website such as coinhive scripts?
  2. I really don't want that software, I already have Macrium Reflect which is an excellent software. Is there another promo code via PM? 2 for 1 previous offer?
  3. Adguard was installed later. I didn't have Adguard during the installation.
  4. Emsisoft Network Filter, during the installation my LAN gigabyte connection disconnected and unable to access to any networks anymore even unplug or plug the cable back. I can't even disable the LAN device via device management. It's just not responding and locked up. The Emsisoft also stop progressing but not frozen, I can still close it anytime. My workaround is to have it disabled before installation. That went through.
  5. Here are the files: Any security to be concerned for posting these attachments? FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Also Malwarebytes found this: See attachment.
  7. Here is the log from, AdwCleaner I ran. AdwCleanerS0.txt
  8. Okay, I temporary disable the adapter and install it. It works fine now.
  9. Above images show there are no other driver beside the default settings, no virtual box etc. Is the driver incompatible? Not the first time, but I've decided to go back to EIS and this issue is still the case even after a clean installed OS WIndows 8.1 Pro
  10. Every time I try to install EIS at the end, it get stuck at network driver installation. My network connection froze or disconnected and I couldn't do anything else unless I hard reboot my PC. Ethernet (Intel 82579V Gigabit Network Connection). What I am seeing, the installation get locked up on driver.
  11. Thank you for those awesome links, especially the list of portal sites to avoid.
  12. I am getting really disappointed a lot of free open source software start to SourceForge. Filezilla, GIMP and etc those are the examples of popular software. Current news today: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/05/sourceforge-grabs-gimp-for-windows-account-wraps-installer-in-bundle-pushing-adware/
  13. So EIS is superior over EAM and both has similar features from Online Armor but both are lesser superior over original Online Armor? I am behind NAT (router) I guess I should pick EAM, I don't see the reason of having EIS in this case unless I want to block applications specifically (or being connect directly to modem without NAT?
  14. I have never used Online Armor, I'm new to EMSI software. Isn't Online Armor now integrated into Emsisoft Internet Security?
  15. Is there anyway we can add a list of games for auto game mode instead of having manually to click to turn on game mode?
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