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  1. Sorry about the title! So what happens, is I insert the stick, fire up EEK, and then hit the scan button, the progress bar shoot across, it says it's complete, but also that zero objects have been scanned. I've attached the log, so you can see it worked once, but hasn't since, and I've tried every scan type, to no avail. I've also updated it, also to no avail. Any ideas? Would it not being in the root folder of the drive have anything to do with it? And if so, how come it worked the first time? Cheers Doof
  2. When I open the app, it asks me to upgrade. I don't want to though, so skip this, and the only option left is to log out. I presume this is what is stopping me from uninstalling the app, that I haven't logged out. Thing is, it's asking for a PIN for me to log OUT. I cannot remember the PIN, as I installed and paid for a licence a year ago. How do I uninstall without this PIN? Phone: Samsung S5 SM-G900F Android: 5.0 Cheers
  3. I'll give it a try then. Cheers!
  4. With Windows 10 expected to land late July, is there an ETA for EIS to work with it? (I'm on Win 10 tech preview at the moment, and can't wait to get rid of MSE)
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