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  1. Hi As soon as it happens again I'll try to log it and send it to you. At this moment updates still work. Thanks for help. Regards Piotrek
  2. Hi Fabian, thank you for your answer. I followed your instructions and... something strange happened: updates started working (or at least it seemed). Right after applying changes in proxy settings, I realized, that update started itself. I saw a lot of entries appeared in Fiddler window. And update didn't fail! It finished succesfully. I saved Fiddler's session and tried to experiment: I unchecked 'Use proxy' and checked 'Use SSL encryption ...' options again (to their former state) and forced update. It seems, that this time update was also succesful. I'll try update tomorrow again and see if it works. I'll also PM the Fiddler's log to you, maybe you can find something interesting, if so - let me know, please. Regards Piotrek
  3. I've just installed Windows 10 TP Build 10074. I think it's really stable so I decided to make it my primary OS (on my home computer I can take that risk). The first application I used to install on fresh OS, is of course antivirus. I've been using EAM for 2 years and I really like your software (much better than Avast and AVG I've been using earlier). Installation was quick and passed without any problems, installer's wizard downloaded and installed updates, made quick scan and started EAM. Everything looked just fine. There wasn't any problems until yesterday I noticed that the EAM's taskbar icon isn't green. EAM notified, the virus signatures aren't up to date. I tried to force the update, but I got a message "Could not connect to the update server.". Today I'm getting the same message. I know, that the server is available, because on the notebook (I bought 3 licenses) update works fine (Windows 8.1 x64) so it look, that the problem appears because of Windows 10... I checked Windows Firewall, but there wasn't any rules for EAM, so I defined In/out permissions for a2service.exe, but it didn't help. The version of EAM is I've found on that forum, that Emsisoft waits for Windows 10 RC to start working on EAM compatibility. But maybe there is a way to make it work even on TP... Regards