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  1. Sorry I've tried everything. I can't do this anymore, don't have time and will to use my pc as a guinea pig. Let's your company experts try to reproduce the issue.
  2. Noup. The thing is that the a2antimalvare is still running after crash, but the gui is not responding (there is no more icon in the tray). So I need to stop that service and enable it again for the gui to start responding.
  3. I've enabled full crash dump and reproduced the issue, but there is no any sign of the crash dump directory
  4. My firewall settings for incoming and outgoing rules are all set to "Ask". Opera browser has strange update method that is always create new folder for every new version. How to prevent pop up message from eis to stop nagging me when auto update opera kick in?
  5. My advanced firewall settings are all on "always ask". Yesterday I've installed github for desktop and when I run github, eis pops up behaviour alert and firewall alert at nearly the same time and than eis crashes. After that the only option is to restart windows. I've manage somehow from 3rd or 4th time to quickly click "allow all" and after that it's ok. I'm on windows 10 64 bit
  6. Ehhh...yebi ga siketa, krivo pročitah u brzini The installation of the folder MARKER XD went fine, and it's the latest version (4.2). But I will try to uninstall it and re-install again.
  7. I know why the behaviour alert is kicked in, but if emsisoft is giving the folder maker than the consumer is expecting that the emsi will "recognize" folder maker. Imagine some inexperienced user who don't know much abut PC, and this is happen. he will probably contact you, and you will probably tell him that is safe to whitelist that program. And now imagine the same user is installing some crappy software with the real malicious code, he will probably thinking..ohh the support tell me that the previous software was safe to whitelist so I will do the same with this, and after that...BOOM, ransomware, malware, trojan...you pick.
  8. I am also having some "problems" with the folder maker. Few days ago I've renewed my EIS licence, and I have check mark also to receive folder maker for free. Everythig is good but when I try to open some folder that is customized with the folder maker behaviour alert is kicked in
  9. I think that I've found the problem. Actually from another IT forum they helped me to find it, and the problem was in the networx software for bandwith monitoring. But I will wait for few days more to be 100% sure. Oh yeah, and I renew my licence for one more year of EIS
  10. I've turned off driver verifier, and at the moment everything is ok. I will contact you if there will be troubles.
  11. Again I have tried the eis with driver verifier on, and again the bsod. And soon as I uninstall the eis everything is fine. When the driver verifier is off, at the moment everything is fine, but you never know when the bsod will hit latest dump file https://app.box.com/s/b77jlz6ryp9l85z1ptz78pluge4wc9g6 windows are fully update.
  12. Don't know because at the moment I don't have emsi installed on my pc. But I presume that the latest emsi was installed. One or two weeks ago was automatic upgrade.
  13. One or two weeks ago there was an automatic upgrade of EIS, and after that the BSOD was started. A the beginning I didn't know the cause of the BSODs, but as soon as I try to do something with the EIS (disable protection for 10min) the computer is freezed and crashed. Now I have uninstaled the EIS, and theres no more BSODs. The dump files are in here ( https://app.box.com/s/z1iltxld9sqd2mbqga8djce2ryd97pn1 )
  14. Totally agree! Company like emsisoft can't presume that everybody have this update installed, or any other update in the future need.
  15. I have managed to install previous version after i switch off the internet, and after that I have disabled updates, but it's not the solution. Is there any way to enable signature update, and disable software update untill you fix this error? Maybe if I put Update feed to "Delayed"?
  16. I am having problems with the latest EIS, the service is not responding, and after uninstallation the service is still present so I have to manually remove the service in order to install previous version of EIS. But the problem is when I install previous version it immediately update it self to the new version. EDIT: I have newly installed OS three days ago with sp1 included without any other update except KB2958399 .
  17. Correct. I don't even use IE...only first time to download firefox
  18. Nope. Only emsi. Windows Defender and firewall were disabled. As I said...freshly installed OS.
  19. Sorry, I was too busy last days, and also I have purchased new OS, win 8.1 pro 64 bit...too many things at once At the moment, on freshly installed OS I was having one major problem...emsi is freezing my computer as soon as I open internet explorer (firewall popup rule), and I need to restart PC by the force. I have fixed that with manually created rules for IE.
  20. I am also having problems with dropping internet speed even to zero after wake on sleep, after updating to latest stable version 5735. I have win7 64 bit. I am a little bit tired of problems after wake on sleep because this is not the first. Clearly sleep mode and emsi are not in love.
  21. Thanks! I didn't meant globally to set, but for each app when the popup is shown. Maybe you guys can consider it to add something like "add this rule permanently" in the popup, because it is a more convenient than in this way you describe me?
  22. Every time when some applications are updating (firefox, thunderbird...etc) there is a popup of update rule. Is there any way that the update rule can be remember permanently? Because it's a little bit annoying to allow update every time for the same programs.
  23. I did not have any problems with beta, and two days ago emsi was update to new full version (5532), and so far so good
  24. Installed it. I will monitor the situation and feed back in a few days.
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