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  1. Hi: I followed the instructions you gave me and here are the requested logs: The programs seem to be running fine now...
  2. Hi: Thank you so much for all your help and for your patience! I just ran the Combo Fix Program following the instructions you provided. I have attached the Fresh logs you requested as well. From the A-Squared Free quick scan, it showed me that the Trojan Horse was gone. The only threats that came up after the scan were cookies... As for the Desktop, all the icons have been restored, as well as the Quick launch Task bar and Start Menu. So, it looks like everything is back to Normal. Is there anything else I need to do at this point?
  3. Hi: I copied and pasted the link you gave me and ran the program. Here is the file you asked me to attach: Thanks.
  4. Hi: I need to include this information: I ran a deep scan initially and had not yet read the posted instructions then. So, the scan came up with a couple of threats, which I quarantined/deleted. I also deleted the Quarantine and the Log from that Deep Scan. It was only the Trojan Win 32 that I could not delete. I ran the scan in the first place because when I started up my computer, I had a blank desktop, i.e. no quick launch bar, no start up menu, no status bar and no desktop icons. After deleting the Deep Scan log, quarantine, etc, I did 2 other Quick Scans, whose logs I saved and attached to my earlier post. Hope that helps.... Thanks!
  5. Hi: Thanks for your prompt reply. I have read the posted instructions and here are the requested logs: Thank you.
  6. Hi: I have downloaded both the A-Squared Malaware and Free software. I have run both deep and quick scans and the only thing it keeps telling me is that this particular trojan horse is on my computer: Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent!IK I have tried deleting and quaranting it, but it has not worked. Please can you tell me how to remove it because anytime I start up my computer, it shows a blank desktop. I have had to run any and all programs from the Task Manager. Any help at this point would be appreciated! Thanks!
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