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  1. Fabian Wosar, I simply have no idea why you cannot reproduce it!! Now I have the latest versions of both OA++ ( and VMware Workstation 7.1.4 build-385536 and also windows server 2008R2 Sp1 64-bit (same on Win7 sp1 64-bit). And the bug STILL EXISTs!!!! Whenever I try to start a virtual machine I do always have this error message:
  2. As I had expected, the only thing that OA told me when I tried to start a v-machine is this: Firewall: Automatic decision,09.03.2011 18:04:45,Allowed,"C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmware-authd.exe, Outgoing TCP access allowed to:" So OA does not report any blocked event when try to start a vmware v-machine. And still VMware can not start any machine saying: Could not get vmci driver version: The handle is invalid. You have an incorrect version of driver "vmci.sys". Try reinstalling VMware Workstation. Module DevicePowerOn power on failed.
  3. Yes, they are No I haven't, later at home I'll try to log, but it seems to me OA++ will not log any blocked events in this case because VMware-OA++ conflict lies somewhere in a deeper plane So "officially" OA might not block anything of VMWare components but they still cannot work together
  4. Dear catprincess, thank you for your support, disabling Web Shield didn't help, and besides I do not want to disable any OA++ features permanently. And yet I do not want to uninstall OA either. So for now I've decided to 'Close and shutdown' OA++ every time when I need to work with VMware virtual machines. (thank God, I am always behind a hardware router (my adsl modem), so I can afford to switch firewall off if I have to) I have a similar "VMware-Kerio control" conflict at my workplace (no bridged networking only, other's working). Thank God, OA++ does not conflict with Kerio VPN client which I constantly use here at home!
  5. No. I mostly use Host-only or NAT networking in virtual machines. Now I have to 'Close and shutdown' OA++ to do work with v-machines
  6. Pity, but as it has just turned out to me, this does NOT solve the problem: networking is absolutely NOT possible in virtual machines and VMware cannot connect any virtual machine's network adapter to any vmware virtual network adapter But this feature is an absolute must-have for me!! So either a supporter offers me a solution or I would have to totally uninstall OA++ and stop using it any more
  7. catprincess, you are right as always I do have a 64bit OS and changing that setting seems to have solved the problem. Thanks!
  8. Cannot start any virtual machine, it seems OA++ conflicts with VMware Workstation. I get this error message: I did try to reinstall vmware. vmci.sys is marked as trusted by OA program guard. Any suggestions?
  9. Sorry, I was just in a hurry and registered under the name 'emisofter' instead of 'emsisofter'
  10. Now I see OA++ suits me perfectly, thanks for your clarification!
  11. catprincess, thank you. If I understand you correctly, OA++ is the the best and most complete emsisoft security solution? By the way, I love cats very much too
  12. Where can we find a clear and detailed product comparison for: Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Mamutu, OA++ ? For example, is Online Armor++ equal to Emsisoft Anti-Malware + Online Armor Premium Firewall Bundle? I haven't managed to find this information on the site.
  13. Yes, when I manually initialized the problem update I did first check the product update Wilpower2k3, you are right again But OA is a good program on the whole and I'm still glad I've supported its developers a little ,maybe if I do not start manual program updates again, automatic updates (both program and signatures) are going to be OK?
  14. Now, for the first time, I can see that automatic updates do work: when I set updates to every hour, now I see it has started the update process, but I'm afraid that HIPS features may again stop working after this update. Thanks God, after this automatic update all seems to be OK.
  15. Wilpower2k3, You are right, but earlier I had used freeware version and always liked it, so I did not expect any problems.