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  1. I removed the file as an exclusion ran the game in window mode and didn't get any alerts and read the logs and looked at the BB and it had the process still as excluded so I just edited the rule to trusted. Is that ok?
  2. Thanks I had to go in and take it out of quarantine because i didn't get the pop up it just blocked it. I assume I didn't get the notification even though the logs say I did because of a switch to silent mode maybe can't really tell. Thats what the log said for the event. One of the two is possible added it to my exclusions so will it send the data back that way?
  3. Spoke to soon just went to run a game that had recently updated to have the BB block it tried to report it as a false positive but because its over 15mb it won't let me
  4. I risked it for a biscuit as it says your an Emsisoft Employee and it did in fact quarantine it. Can't remember exactly what the notification said but because one option added it to my local block list the other was I thought it was safe. Otherwise if the timer ran out it would of quarantined itself
  5. Ok just seems interesting haven't had any blocks this time around like I did before.
  6. I am currently trialling EAM again and I am impressed so far it hasn't triggered any Steam Games like it used to. Has there been any changes to the BB since I've been gone to fix the triggering of steam games? As I remember steam triggering it and I am currently wondering if there might be something wrong with my new install of EAM.
  7. That's cool thanks. I just wanted to know whether it was too my advantage to do a full scan on a new system that was all to increase performance. But if what your saying is true then it will have no baring
  8. I can't for the life of me find out whether the file guard caches results. Like other AV's do. I am ok with it not it's just out of interest meaning if I know the system is completely clean (because fresh install) I don't have to worry about doing a full scan to try and speed up future use.
  9. Thanks for the solution. Didn't know it existed, but was thinking possibly something more in house.
  10. I wondering whether it would be possible to do a cut down version of the enterprise console for home users. As I am sure there are many people that just 1 person in the household take care of maintaining multiple devices in their household. I was wondering whether this was a feature that Emsisoft is thinking about implementing?
  11. Thanks that has worked its all working fine now
  12. I wish I hadn't uninstalled it now and reinstalled it but the logging doesn't seem to be working properly anymore if it is updating
  13. Just done a reinstall and although it is now saying its updating on the home screen there are no logs to say it has
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