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  1. Okay, so it's like I figured, must've just been a fluke. It's back to the way it was before, loading really slow. Not sure if you received my e-mail or not, but hopefully you can let me know when you think of something else.
  2. All right, e-mail sent. Hopefully you can find out if there's anything else
  3. After waiting a bit of time, and trying out some stuff, it does seem to be loading better now. However, just to make sure it isn't a fluke, I will still do as you suggested above and e-mail you the info. Thanks!
  4. Hey, I did all that you said. After the 1st reboot, I tried loading a page and a couple seconds later I got got blue screened with BAD_POOL_HEADER - haven't ever had that happen on this computer before... Also, the CPU still increases dramatically while loading pages.
  5. So I downloaded Malwarebytes Premium a long time ago, and was just reading through their stuff recently. It said that it was a program that was to be used along side an anti-virus; which I never realized. So yesterday, I was looking at all the different kinds of antivirus out there, and eventually decided upon EIS. I had to download the hotfix during installation which wasn't an issue, and everything installed fine. I had ended up buying 2 licenses, 1 for me and 1 for my brother. So any ways, I get everything updated and it runs the scan, everything's good. I have the components on and working. Now, the problem is that now whenever I'm doing anything on the computer, everything tends to load very slow. The first obvious sign was the internet pages. They will always take at least x10 the amount of time they would normally take too load. I know that it's the program because if I use the "Disable for 10 minutes" button, everything will start to load as fast as it was before. So I'm not sure if it's the firewall or something that's making it load very slow or if it's my computer that can't handle it? When I load up a page with Task Manager open, I can see that the CPU usage will shoot up to 90~95%, and memory sits at 2-2.5. After it's down loading, CPU usage goes to about 40%, but memory is still around 2~2.2. I know that it definitely has something too do with EIS, as the problems didn't start occurring until it was downloaded. I'm not sure if there's anything too do, or if my computer is just too low tech to support this. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!