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  1. Okay, so it's like I figured, must've just been a fluke. It's back to the way it was before, loading really slow. Not sure if you received my e-mail or not, but hopefully you can let me know when you think of something else.
  2. All right, e-mail sent. Hopefully you can find out if there's anything else
  3. After waiting a bit of time, and trying out some stuff, it does seem to be loading better now. However, just to make sure it isn't a fluke, I will still do as you suggested above and e-mail you the info. Thanks!
  4. Hey, I did all that you said. After the 1st reboot, I tried loading a page and a couple seconds later I got got blue screened with BAD_POOL_HEADER - haven't ever had that happen on this computer before... Also, the CPU still increases dramatically while loading pages.
  5. So I downloaded Malwarebytes Premium a long time ago, and was just reading through their stuff recently. It said that it was a program that was to be used along side an anti-virus; which I never realized. So yesterday, I was looking at all the different kinds of antivirus out there, and eventually decided upon EIS. I had to download the hotfix during installation which wasn't an issue, and everything installed fine. I had ended up buying 2 licenses, 1 for me and 1 for my brother. So any ways, I get everything updated and it runs the scan, everything's good. I have the components on and wo
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