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  1. Thank you. Now a new problem has appeared. On every update since yesterday fwndislwf64.sys s being updated. I'll pasted the latest two update logs... General Information: Update started: 13/08/2015 09:05:02 Update ended: 13/08/2015 09:05:48 Time elapsed: 0:00:46 Update successful Detailed Information: 139 modules, 2884334 bytes a2hosts.dat (13311 bytes) - updated a2trust.dat (607 bytes) - updated a2wl.dat (564 bytes) - updated fwndislwf64.sys (40367 bytes) - updated Signatures\20150812.sig (9875 bytes) - updated Signatures\20150813.sig (39752 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\cran.iv
  2. I have a different problem with the beta of EIS in Windows 10. After a few days Windows Defender just turned itself back on. What should I do? Update somehow it just turned itself off again...
  3. I had this problem just after updating. uninstalling EIS and reinstalling seems to have solved it.
  4. Will EIS work in Window 10 with the firewall module disabled? Or wiil it cause problems?
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