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  1. I have removed all the illicit downloads from my PC as you requested. Is it correct understood that without the private key it is impossible to decrypted the encrypted files? I was thinking about removing my HD and insert a new one. Then wait and hope that someone will be able to procure the database with the private keys like Fox-IT and FireEye did. Do you see and alternatives? Thanks, Peter
  2. A Cryptolocker variant seems to have infected my computer and encrypted all my document files. I have attached the requested log files and a pdf file that has been encrypted. The version is \WinTds\wintds.exe Bitcoin address is - 1F1RPpk3nEuYtVUZcXLkkrcjtWWUoxkX5G I have tried to run the decrypt_pclock2.exe but got the following msg - "The decryption key for your system could not be found. There is unfortunately no way to decrypt your files" I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer. Thanks very much for any help. Addition.txt FRST.txt a2scan_150531-141620.txt Billet2015 - Daniel.pdf
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