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  1. Thanks, that worked (at least on my desktop computer, I haven't tested it on my notebook yet). I've uninstalled the network filter driver, switched on Windows firewall and everything is OK after a hibernation-resume cycle. I've also enabled beta updates. Will the next program update reinstall the network filter driver or not?
  2. As I mentioned in my first post: switching off the EIS firewall is not a solution for this problem. With or without firewall I have no network after resuming from hibernation, so EAM != EIS with switched off firewall in this situation. How can I split my EIS key into EAM and OA keys or temporarily downgrade it to EAM key? Everything was perfect using EAM before I've merged my keys. I cannot reinstall EAM because I've used the trial period about a year ago on both computers.
  3. No, it didn't help (at least on my desktop computer). I can ping localhost but no other IP addresses. Any application trying to use network gets ERROR_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE (1231) or WSAENETUNREACH (10051) error. I've built a small C++ test application: WSAStartup() succeeds, socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, IPPROTO_TCP) succeeds, and connect() fails with error code 10051. After some testing rounds with different IP addresses an EIS popup appeared: An unexpected internal processing error occured. Please contact the support team.
  4. I was using EAM10 (and before EAM9) flawlessly on my notebook and on my desktop computer (both have W8.1 x84) until I decided to merge my EAM and my (not used) OA licences into EIS. Desktop PC: I select hibernation manually, Windows saves everything and switches off. After power on Windows resumes and ... I don't have any network connection. Ping displays general failure for any IP addresses, EIS10 UI freezes when I try to switch off the firewall. Notebook: hybrid sleeping is enabled so when I close the lid and Windows goes into sleep mode. If I open the lid before the computer hibernates, everything is OK. If not, then I have the same network problem as with my desktop PC. I've tried to switch off IES10 firewall before hibernation, but it doesn't help. Nor switching off EIS10 firewall and enabling Windows firewall. I've already reinstalled EIS10 on both machines with and without using EmsiClean. What should I do?