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  1. Thomas, I have responded to your PM and the EMS subscription is now updated with the Activation Code you provided. I've uninstalled Bit Defender, and things appear to be back to normal. What a relief! Thank you for your assistance and quick response. Jackiemarie
  2. I've had EMS for several years. My subscription expires in 7 days so I went to https://central.emsisoft.com/subscriptions to renew (have not received any notice about upcoming expiration). When I clicked on renew, it took me to BitDefender Mobile Security & AntiVirus, made purchase and got Activation Code and made me create an account there. Then to activate I had to go to Google Play and install BitDefender. BD would not accept the activation code, "already used". Probably because I'd used that Activation at central.emsisoft which still says renew now. So, now I have EMS and BitDefender on my LG Android. BD is not activated and EMS still says my subscription is expiring. At the BitDefender account is says my device is same one listed at central.emsisoft and tells me to "buy now" because trial expires in 14 days...yet it refuses code. Why on earth did central.emsisoft direct me to BitDefender to renew my subscription? What is going on here, please? May I have a quick response. Thank you. Device: LG H345 Android: 5.1.1 EMS: 3.0.2 Finally found Security settings, deactivated built in LookOut, restarted, now only Phone administrators checked are 1) Android Device Manager and 2) Emsisoft Mobile Security. BD AntiVirus is listed but I have not checkmarked it. Thanks.
  3. Just a comment, but for the technically-challenged of this world such as myself, I would greatly have appreciated knowing that there would be no support response Saturday or Sunday...I would not have uninstalled EAM knowing that I'd be without anti virus/anti malware protection going on 3 days now.
  4. Emsiclean log is on desktop. Lower right says: "insert other media" (not More Reply Options). The options are "insert existing attachment" or "insert image from url". So I attached the log hoping that nothing private is in it. EmsiClean_2016.12.17_07.25.29.txt
  5. I uninstalled EAM (Start>Programs>Emsisoft Anti Malware>Uninstall) and then restarted twice. I ran the Setup.exe from the first link you gave. A popup has appeared saying EAM is already installed. Please get back to me as I want anti virus protection as quickly as possible. Thanks.
  6. That's good news....my only concern was that I had done something wrong...my technical understanding is very very basic.
  7. I will check as you've requested the next time it is seemingly inactive. I will also send GT500 the diagnostic log as requested. Thanks.
  8. Somehow or other, my reply got posted as a new topic "Emsisoft not loading on some boots". I posted it here earlier, but now it's in the other post.
  9. I've been away with a family emergency but will now add my thank you - the time required for scans is normal. However, EAM, maybe every other day, is still not loading when I turn on the laptop. Attached is a snip from this morning - there was no icon in the lower right task bar and Windows said EAM reports that it isn't turned on. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  10. I prefer not to alter the Performance settings. I'd mentioned the extra time needed to open a window (while EAM is scanning) only because that is another change. Previous to the malware scan requiring more than 25 minutes to complete, opening another window took only 15 seconds or so. In the past 4 days, there's another event that never happened before. EAM is not loading when I turn the laptop on (It's turned off overnight). Windows says my virus protection is not turned on and there's no EAM icon in the task bar. Restarting causes it to load. You're still working on this, right?
  11. Just now, EAM is still running after 25 minutes and using 40-60% of memory. It takes 30-45 seconds to open a window while EAM is scanning. Something is amiss in paradise. Thanks.
  12. The daily EAM scan used to take 6-7 minutes and is now requiring 24-26 minutes these past few days. Text log is attached. Is there a problem? There's nothing in quarantine or file guard. If interested, SP and BB logs are attached. Thanks for your assistance. EAM Windows 7 SP1 x64 MBAM Pro MBAM Anti Exploit Prem Scan_161129-085246.txt BB_161129-090200.txt SP_161129-090216.txt
  13. Thank you for replying, Alexstrasza; ignorance is awful, and I appreciate you taking the time to help me understand. jackiemarie
  14. Please advise if these two quarantined registry keys should be deleted. They were in quarantine several months, then in October I had to uninstall EAM and reinstall several days later. They reappeared on reinstallation of EAM. Did they go back into the registry when EAM was uninstalled? Rescan says they are not false positives (so "submit" is grayed out). Since EAM says these two are "no risk", why are they quarantined? I'm technically a newbie, so please advise if it's OK to just delete them. Keys to "disable task mgr" and "disable registry tools" just sound bad. Thank you. quarantine Nov 2015.txt
  15. Thank you for your response, Siketa. However, the batch file was intended to fix the Windows Update system; it had nothing to do with backups. I cannot get the last batch critical updates from MCSFT to download, much less install- apparently because I won't allow them to automatically download recommended updates which at this point would include Windows 10. For months now, Windows Update no longer even notifies about updates available with the usual gold emblem with an exclamation point at the shut down button. The forums are full of posts with the same problem I'm having of not being able to get critical updates and getting error message 8024402C. There is no "fix" for this error or the lack of updates at Microsoft Community or anywhere else that I can find.
  16. I guess this is a moot question at this point. I had to uninstall. Is there a time period for answering forum posts? 24 hrs? 48 hrs? Thanks.
  17. I ran a batch file recommended to me at Bleeping Computer (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/593580/cant-find-windows-critical-updates/) and EAM pops up with a notice (attached) that I was infected and to contact the removal experts at Emsisoft. I clicked on "block once and do not quarantine" because I was quite disturbed at the notice and simply not sure what to do. This batch file source was http://www.whitehatforums.net/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=18. Since it was BC, I assumed safety. The batch file failed (snip is also attached). Please advise what you need to pursue this "kernel infection". I have manually run a Quick Scan and Malware Scan and both are negative. Attached is the EAM notice and batch file failure notice. Addendum: The normal daily scan produced 2 registry entries that would disable Task Manager and disable Registry Tools. Please advise what to do with these. Should they be quarantined? Snips attached. Thank you for your assistance, Jackiemarie EAM Version 10.0.05735
  18. I'm finding it impossible to restore to an earlier time on the laptop...Windows error says to disable anti-virus and retry. I "disabled all components" on EAM and retried at least 4 different points with the same result. Someone has suggested that in rare instances the anti-virus has to be completely un-installed to be rid of this error. I'd appreciate your opinion. Thank you.
  19. EMS and Lookout are both installed on my LG Leon. I knew Lookout was there, but when I purchased EAM, I also purchased the EMS because I trust EMS. I've been just a little befuddled about having both security programs active on the same smartphone, and then yesterday, a Lookout email appears in gmail alerting me to a "Stagefright" vulnerability. I've no notion as to the legitimacy of this notice (I'm assuming Lookout has my email address because having a gmail account is required for Android). I'm aware when the Lookout notice comes across the smartphone that "Lookout has completed a scan and there's no malware on your phone", but I have never registered at Lookout, nor given any permissions - the program came pre-installed). Do I leave Lookout on the smartphone or should I uninstall because EMS is installed? (EMS does not run scans as I understand it; they do scan a new app, and a notice appears that it is clean.) Also, is anyone aware of the "Stagefright" thing? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Jackiemarie
  20. I was able to enter the license key for EMS on my LG smartphone, but since doing so, EMS no longer automatically scans on when I turn the phone on after it's been powered off for several hours. How can I set it to where it scans on startup? I realize "on install scanning is active", but shouldn't it also scan daily?
  21. My apologies, it's BC of course as you said.
  22. Thanks again, Alexstrasza, your words of wisdom cleared things up (I remember you from BP).
  23. Thank you, I ran a scan and added both items to the whitelist. One more question please... Pasted below are scan results. Should "scan archives" and "file extension filter" be set to "ON"? Emsisoft Anti-Malware - Version 10.0 Last update: 6/20/2015 7:49:12 AM User account: nowfaith-HP\nowfaith Scan settings: Scan type: Malware Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, Files Detect PUPs: On Scan archives: Off ADS Scan: On File extension filter: Off Advanced caching: On Direct disk access: Off Scan start: 6/20/2015 8:45:26 AM Scanned 70478 Found 0 Scan end: 6/20/2015 8:48:38 AM Scan time: 0:03:12