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  1. Is there a way to download Emsi soft A Virus to a full registered version from my logged in page? It shows my software runs to Aug. 2011, but I see no way to to download following a transfer from XP to Win 7 32 bit? I lost my registration key during the the upgrade. Other than ask Tech support is there a way to do this? There IS a way to do this in Online Armor, and I have completed it. How about Emsi AV? Tom.
  2. YES! I managed it... transferred my sub. to my 'new' computer installation! Job done Ms Cat. If only I could do the same thing with Emsi A Virus! Tom.
  3. " If you've lost your license key, that's another issue and you'll have to contact Emsisoft directly for assistance." That is my situation Ms Princess.. It just seems pointless to me to have to ask for it and the delays it entails. I need both OA Firewall, and Emsi A Virus full download and have neither passwords! My appreciation to you Ms Princess for your super service here. I hope that you are clear of the floods out in OZ. A smile and a wave from the UK. Tom.
  4. But, an automated way to get a full download for the remainder of the users license seems to be lacking and needed. I can access my user area, BUT there is no way to finally download my full software of Emsi A Virus... That seems to me an obvious need, otherwise why bother with a user area? Any ideas??
  5. But not the full version? I need to get the full version. Thanks for the fast reply. Tom.
  6. I can access my 'account' for Emsi soft Anti Virus, but the final route to download a copy of the Anti Virus after an upgrade to Win.7 lost me everything including passwords, a download is not open to me! There HAS to be a simple way for existing customers to download without waiting for an E mail from Tech Support. Tech support must be fed up doing this pointless exercise day after day. Virtually all my other software offer a simple route to download afresh. Now, if there is a way... please let me know I am in the same situation with my Online Armor Firewall. I need a new download, but
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