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  1. Finally, I got the courage up to update to v after using v (Free). I've made my exclusions for Avast A.V. and SAS and the latest firewall seems to be doing a real nice job. I was worried Avast shields would conflict with OA and held on to v forever. I expected to be asked often about various programs, but ran everything as "Trusted" doing the new install and it only asked about "MS Works" program. Looking back, I posted about using OA v (Free) back on Jan. 16, 2011 and it took me till now to make the move to the latest version.
  2. Thank you for answering my questions catprincess.
  3. After reading about the changes that have been made with later versions, I think I'll most likely stay with the old version a while longer. I'm worried about conflicts with Avast AV (their shields). OA version 4.0 is one outstanding firewall. I don't have any idea if it is available anymore. What would the procedure be as far as Removal of the old version along with the Update Procedure should I decide to Update to the latest version. I've always updated to a newer version by Trusting everything, but it has been quite some time since I've had to update. Do you close and shutdown OA and then g
  4. I have just joined here and was a member of the old OA forum of Mike's. I see Shadow Puter Dude and Jean in Montana are members here and I have been a member of Jean's forum (Montana Menagrie) for years. I would like to ask a few questions as to new versions of OA as I've been using the old version 4.0 with no problems whatsoever running alongside Avast! Anti-Virus version 5.1.889 (Free). Would it be to any advantage for me to switch to version 4.5. My understanding is that I would not stand to gain anything if my Anti-Virus is separate and not part of my firewall?? Using my interface (OA v4.
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