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  1. I understand. The transition has already occured. Of the software currently available from emsisoft you recommend emsisoft internet security correct?
  2. Is the paid versions compatible with Avira (Side-by-side)?
  3. If so, I used to run Avira and Online Armour. I want the standalone firewall but it doesnt seem like that is an option anymore. I could buy the new software but now i would be unable to run Avira side-by-side. Solutions other than restore an image with online armour already activated / purchase new product?
  4. I just reimaged my machine and now i can not activate a free verson of online armour. I recieve the error: "Invalid server response. Please try again in a few minutes or contact the support." More information: Windows 8.1 x64 No other secuirty software installed Conencted to the internet Have installed on this hrdware before about 3 months ago. time settings correct I downloaded the latest version from: Any ideas? Its a brand new install. Thanks in advanced for any help.