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  1. I know you already have it installed.


    I'm suggesting trying running the installer 'over the top' of it in order to try and repair the uninstaller.


    Sometimes things can go wrong, especially with computers :)


    So in extreme cases someone will try to help a user by other means such as teamviewer or by running a special tool.


    Surely it is better than no one trying to help at all.


    So can you answer the questions I asked please lolita?

    Ok re-install did the trick , i was able to fully uninstall .

  2. Shall we start over again lolita?


    What operating system are you running?


    Was there a problem that made you want to uninstall EAM?


    Have you tried running the installer again for EAM (make sure it's same version) in order to try to return the missing uninstaller?


    Why would i try to re-install , are you kidding me ? Program is already installed and theres no uninstall option , meanwhile admins asking to download another tool to remove the program or use a teamviewer ! First time in my life seeing something like that

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