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  1. before the question i need to note that english is not my native language but i want some clarification since i have 2 eis licences with more than 250 days left. will those licenses convert automatically with the 50% days increase on 2 oct? also a heads up pop up message to users that just wont disapear within 30 sec might be nice to all users since i found out just today 2 hours ago and i think a lot of users still dont know.
  2. ah thx good to remember next time this happens i did try to disable the behavior blocker completely but that didn't disable the a2hook64.dll process sadly this problems happens a lot for me with a certain type of old japanese game that uses a old engine but thx for the info and i hope the problem that affected f4se and the office packet the other person mentioned is resolved soon ^^
  3. hi i will make this sort emsisoft internet security updated earlyer today and after that the script extender i use for fallout 4 because of mods wont start anymore the schreenshot clearly shows a2hooks64.dll as the culprid what is made by you guys and also it is the only thing that changed on my system today so yea im kinda frigen pistoff now so plz look into this because i hope this isnt on purpose yea i just uninstalled emsisoft internet security and geuss what no problems anymore so yea fix this problem if you guys need more info just ask and i will provide it more info
  4. okay i think i need to give some more info all my systems run linux or freebsd and this is only for my only windows system that has 8 cores running at 4.8 ghz with 32 gb ram and having a couple ssd's in a raid setup so speed aint a issue also i gave a reason wy i need hips and that a recomendation for eis is a waste of your time also i clearly stated that i am a hobby virus/malware/trojan devolper so trust me on this one i know a lot more about this stuff than most people because it wasnt just a hobby in the past so plz dont tell me what i do and dont need and also i already have a ies licence ready for when oa expires so a hips program dosnt need a firewall in my case also thx digmor crusher for the recomandations ive seen NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro already but havend tested it yet and the other ones ive never heard of but i will give them a look (edit) ive given appguard and voodooshield a looksie and tbh they are also just behavior blockers that i think will sadly not meet my requierments (end edit)
  5. hi i was wondering if anybody here knows some good hips software since emisoft kickd oa to the bin still kinda pist off about it tbh but well shit happens the only stuff i came across was comodo firewall what i tbh disliked so mutch that i cand put it out in normal words and there is malware defender but thats way to old sure there is synergy the firewall that was optained by symantic and well lets say destroyed also i came accross winpatrol but that stuff is so buggy no thx so i was wondering if somebody found something from the time emisoft did let us know it was well digging oa's grave and now that can replace oa and especcialy its hips features paid or free dosnt matter also i am known and a user of sandboxie and before you ask wy so i need hips plz dont tell me wy i wont need it or that eis is good enough becasue as an hobby virus/malware/trojan devolper (its only a hobby i wont use them ever outside of my own network) i like to have a few extra layers of security .also plz excuse my bad spelling and grammar use but ive been awake for quite a while and my english is completely self thougth thx in advance nakugaka
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