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  1. I used EIS v10.0.0.5641. Nota: Please can you modify on your site the EIS download version which is in fact v10.0.0.5641 and NOT v9.0.0.4324 as you display at the moment.
  2. Hi, I have observed a similar issue with EIS. With EIS the clear tool (run as 'administrator') does not fix the problem. The workaround I founded is to modify the EIS icon properties to run as 'administrator' even if I am already the unique user and 'administrator' of the machine.. I don't understand why.
  3. To Mikolaj R. As i wrote in my post, i use W10 x64.
  4. Hi, I have the same issue under W10 x64 and I use EEK last beta v10.0.0.5684. The UPDATE initialises and then nothing happens. This problems occurs since 5 days:
  5. I have got also this error multiple times. The above instructions did not resolve the problem. At the moment, I have uninstalled all EMSISOFT applications on all my W10 PC's because nor EIS or nor Anti Malware setup succeed. Sometimes it seems Anti Malware or EIS setup is complete, sometimes it never ends... Under W7 I never got this kind of problems.
  6. Hi, After the tests done we see a conflict between Anti-Malware and EIS applications about this locked "fwtdi64.sys" file. To succeed to install EIS seems you should have first to uninstall Anti-Malware, then reboot, then check this fwtdi64.sys is no longer in the PC, then install EIS..
  7. Hi, I can't install EIS on my W10 x64 PC because the file 'fwtdi64.sys' remains locked: Emsisoftclean reports "all cleaned": but it fact does 'forget' to clean this file: How long time i have to use Anti Malware instead of Internet Security on my W10 PCs ? When EIS will be fully tested to be installed on any W10 PC ? Rgds
  8. Cactus5, What is your default browser ? On my side default browser is Palemoon_64bits. I observe with new .5532 about at least a 10s delay at PC boot time to get the network connection established. With .5409 i observed absolutely no perceptible delay when booting PC to get a network connection up and running (with the PaleMoon_64bits default browser). I use no other security software application, only EIS appli. Windows 7 x64 firewall is deactivate. However, I observe .5532 fixed the 'no connection' problem I had reported with the beta intermediate version. Now the network connecti
  9. Pete, As internet connection is blocked somewhere with , mail also is blocked, internet is blocked, so FRST infos can't be send you... At the moment I stay with 5409 which is stable and allows me to use the net.. do mails and browse.
  10. Peter2150. This is an issue with 5514. Coming back to 5409 fix it in any case. If you want to use 5514 , you have to uninstall EMSISOFT Network Filter SERVICE.. I got the same issue on all my PCs (W7 x64 SP1).
  11. I found the same issue on my 2 PCs after updating to 5514. As reported in another post the workaround was to uninstall the EMSISOFT Network Filter Services (or to come back to 5409)
  12. Hi, I have observed the same issue under W7 x64 SP1 with V On my side internet connection was no longer possible !! This seams specific to this new version I have installed recently (a PC reboot is requested). The workaround I found is to uninstall the EMSISOFT Network Filter "Service" on my Home Network (via Connection Properties sub menu). Hope this issue fixed soon..
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