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  1. Same problem here. Maybe the problem is the large number of connections or the number of running torrents.
  2. If I close it than a little bit better, but still the cpu time is around 10%. Alsoe I tried to exclude utorrent port, and the application too, but again I don't think that cause the problem. If I turned off the firewall completly there are no cpu usage at all (maybe it's kill the process). edit: So I reinstalled the Emsisoft IS and now utorrent isn't running then the cpu usage is gone, but when it's running it is around 5% now. Is this normal or still above normal?
  3. Is it normal that this process use usually 10-25% of my cpu time and take 500mb ram? After reboot and 0 program started it's still use 10% cpu. It's anoying. I attached a processmonitor log file. Logfile.zip
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