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  1. Just wanted to thank you for all your help. My PC seems to be running great now. I don't know what I would have done without all the help you gave me. You worked with me for weeks and now I have a real computer again. I actually can use it without problems. Thank you so much. If I ever have problems again, you will be the first person I go to. Your employers should give you a raise, they are lucky to have you.
  2. When I download Win10 will it automatically remove Win 8.1 or what happens. I have never installed an operating system before. Is everything provided for you. I had a little window pop up yesterday saying it was ready for me. The little window is still down on my task bar so I guess all I would have to do is hit it and follow the instructions. Will microsoft help if I have any problems. I know this isn't what you are here for, just thought you were a good person to ask. Thanks for everything you have done for me. My computer is running a whole lot better. I don't know what I would have done if you had not helped me. I am sure it would have crashed again by now. I really appreciate it.
  3. I think I am going to wait a little while and install windows 10 and not worry with windows 8 anymore. How do you like win10? Do they have the bugs worked out yet.? I had heard to wait a while to install, but you know how to fix anything that comes along, unlike someone like me.
  4. Hi Kevin, Well my system seems to be working better and faster, but I am still having the same problem when I restart it. I have a really hard time just getting it to come back up. It wants me to restore sometimes, but won't, it gives me a lot of other diagnostic options that are really drastic also sometimes. Usually I just turn it off again until I can get it to come back up correctly. I am hoping when Win 10 gets all the bugs out I can download it and I won't have these problems anymore. I am wary of it at the moment. Any suggestions of what I can do except a clean copy of Win 8. Thanks for any input as always.
  5. Seems a little better. I will use it for a few days and check back with you. Thanks for all your help.
  6. There was no restart required, I removed AVG and McAfee. I trust that I am fully protected. Here is the report from the scan. Thank you again for your help. Let me know what to do next Fixlog.txt
  7. Here are the reports from the FRST scan FRST.txtAddition.txt Thank you to whoever is helping me Kevin or Thomas. I need all the help I can get. My system is running super slow. I hope this gives you the info you need, let me know what to do next.
  8. Hi Kevin, I haven't had a lot of time to use my computer in the last few days but when I have, I have had a couple of issues. A little slow and the start up problem is still not corrected even with the shutdown. I had to shutdown for an update a couple of days ago and when I started it back up, the same INVALID PROCESS ATTACH ATTEMPT error came up. But only once this time and it restarted. The event log is still having errors and warnings also. Unsure of what I should do about these things. Any ideas? Thanks for any input and help.
  9. I ran the repair again and got the same error logs. I found out something about the event log errors I have been getting. The critical errors have to do with the log on errors I have been getting. It is because my computer is not completely shutting down correctly. So I have found out if I do a shut down instead of a restart, I do not have any errors. So that has solved that problem. I don't think I have any malware issues anymore either. I will see how things go for a while. Sorry I was so late posting, I have been at the vet all day with a sick puppy. Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate it. If you think I need to do anything else, let me know. Thanks
  10. The windows repair also said to run it twice for the repairs to work correctly, Should I do that?
  11. The first log (windows repair log) didn't have any problems, these logs I was unsure of: Repair_Component_Store.txtRepair_App_Store.txtRepair_MSI_Windows_Installer.txtRepair_Volume_Shadow_Copy_Service.txtRepair_Windows_Firewall.txtRepair_Windows_Updates.txt I thought my system was going to crash the way it was acting. I had a really hard time getting it to restart. I almost wiped the disc. I am ready to call HP and tell them to take this laptop and shove it. (If you know what I mean). Thanks for your help.
  12. It took me over 30 mins just to get my computer to restart. I am not sure about the logs. It gave me several. Also it didn't have the place to check for Repair WInsock & DNS Cache. I will get the logs I think you need and attach on the next post. I was just letting you know what was going on.
  13. The last few times I have restarted it, I haven't had a problem. It seems to be running a little better right now, but I haven't been using it very much. When someone connects remotely, they look at the event logs and there are a lot of errors (over 2000) some critical. And a lot of my services are stopped. They also say my drivers are not working. Are they doing something when they log on to try to sell me something or is something really wrong with my computer? Or can you tell from what you have done so far. I know I was having issues with my firefox browser being so slow I couldn't barely stand to use it. And the thing when I would restart it (which is not happening anymore-at least it hasn't lately). But it seems to be a little better, but I really can't tell until I use it more. Should I just keep using it and let you know if I have more problems or what should I do. I was told not to do any internet banking or buy anything online. I check my balance and haven't had any problems with my account so far. Do you think my system is safe? Please let me know your opinion. Thank you.
  14. Ok, I think I did it correctly. At least I think I did. Here is the log. I also saved the log from the scan in case you need it. virusinfo_syscheck.zip I did it correctly yesterday but wasn't sure since it looked so strange to me. Thank you for letting me know it was the correct button. Sorry it is taking so long to get these problems rectified. I really appreciate your help. Let me know what to do next. Thanks again.
  15. Ok Kevin you lost me on this one. I tried, but I failed. I did the unzip to my desktop for the avz4 and double clicked on avz.exe and hit run. But there is where I got lost. There was no update button on the right side of the log. I am attaching a picture of the screens of the two things that came up. The screen from where I hit avz.exe and what came up next. Please tell me what I am doing wrong and what I should have done. I am sorry for being ignorant about what you are trying to help me with and I appreciate your patience. Thank you and please don't quit on me. I hit the second little box on the right because when I ran my mouse over it, it said something about update. It ran some sort of scan, but it wasn't what you described in your instructions. I really couldn't tell what was going on because everything was in numbers instead of words. Like I said, I was really lost as to what to do. HELP!
  16. This is the new report from Rogue Killer:rk_2C4D.tmp.txt Please let me know what to do next Thank you.
  17. I ran the Rogue Killer scan. It did not run a report automatically like the other scans did so I hit the report key and saved it to my desktop. Here is the report it generated.rk_DB1F.tmp.txt If I have to get a new copy of Windows8, will I be able to get one from HP or will I have to buy one? My computer is still under warranty and it didn't come with a disc. Thank you for helping me with this. Let me know what to do next.
  18. I called HP support. I found out when I call them, they reroute my calls to microsoft who tries to sell me stuff to clean up my laptop. They say all my services have stopped and I have over 2000 warnings and errors and critical errors that are about to crash my computer. And until I get these issues corrected I will continue to have problems no matter what. I told them I had someone helping me with those issues all I wanted to know was about the INVALID PROCESS ATTACH ATTEMPT and if they would provide me with another copy of windows. She said no they would not. So they were no help to me. She said my PC is probably going to crash again.
  19. I am having another problem that I think you should be made aware of. First of all, I just got this computer in January and it has crashed twice since then. Now, just about every time I restart it, I get an error INVALID PROCESS ATTACH ATTEMPT It usually will attempt once and go ahead and restart. Sometimes it will come up with another error and want me to choose to turn other options, like advanced troubleshooting, turning it off. or just restarting. It is really weird. I looked it up and it looks like I need an new copy of Win8.1 which I do not have. My laptop is still under warranty. If it crashes one more time, it will be considered a lemon and HP will give me another one. I consider it a lemon anyway since it has crashed twice in six months. Do you think I should call HP and see if they should take care of this problem for me? Since I don't have a clean copy of Windows, I don't think I have any other choice. Please give me your opinion. Thanks.
  20. I was wrong, my browser is still slow. I copied the fix and ran the FRST64 scan again. Here is the new report.Fixlog.txt I had read about that password download. Thanks for the link. Let me know what to do next. Thanks again.
  21. I ran the scans again. Attached are the new reports.scan_150709-035458.txtFRST.txt My laptop seems to be running a lot better now. Firefox is much faster. I have one question. I was able to save my passwords before. That option is no longer available to me now. I don't know if it was an addon thru Mozilla or what, but it is gone now. I guess one of the scans took it off. It is probably not very safe to do that, but it sure is easier not to have to remember all my passwords. There used to be a little drop down window asking me if I wanted to save my password, I don't know how to get it back, do you? If not, it's ok. Was I supposed to quarrantine or delete anything from those scans or wait until you review them? Let me know what to do next. You have helped me more than I can ever thank you. I really, really appreciate your help. Thank you.
  22. I did everything you asked. Here are the reports. AdwCleanerS0.txtJRT.txtFixlog.txt Is this all I need to do? The guy that told me my system was corrupt said my laptop had to be fixed manually. He said my drivers had stopped and my IP address was infected and no matter what software I ran to fix it, I would not be able to fix it. I think he was just trying to get money from me. I really appreciate all the help you are giving me. Please let me know what else I need to do. Thank you so much.
  23. I didn't open a new topic for the FRST (sorry) I attached a reply. Here are the reports from the scan as you requested I run. FRST.txtAddition.txt Please let me know what to do next. Thanks
  24. I ran the FRST scan. I am attaching the reports.FRST.txtAddition.txt Please let me know what to do next. Thank you.
  25. I did what you said and ran the EEK. The scan said 0 files infected. I will attach the report. I didn't run the FRST yet because there was a warning stating it may have malicious code or a virus. I was very unsure as to what to do, so I didn't run it. It is still in my downloads and I can run it if you tell me it is ok. I really want to know if the csrss.exe is a trojan or not. Or, maybe someone was telling me this so they could sell me something. I will see how my browser works thru the weekend since you won't be able to help me until Monday anyway. I hope everything is ok with my laptop now and I won't have anymore issues.scan_150704-031007.txt
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