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  1. after a restart it appears that the beta updates DID help. One of the other machines was able to successfully login. Thank You Will keep you posted if it stops working-
  2. I did as you said and afterwards it downloaded and installed the beta updates. It made me do a global reset on the firewall to feactory settings but the other computers still cannot get in so I soon have to uninstall Emsisoft This is unfortunately a deal breaker
  3. I'm running a trial of Emsisoft Internet Security and can get into Quickbooks from my computer but other computers on my network say it is unavailable. The Quickbooks File Doctor reports * Port number 55348- 'QuickBooks Database Port Service' for QuickBooks 2012 is closed on 'Boss-PC'. * Port number 8019- 'QuickBooks Port Finder Service' is closed on 'Boss-PC'. I do not see anything on the forums to resolve this. If I cannot get it straightened out quickly i will be forced to dump Emsisoft. I have done a custome rule as shown in the attached picture but it may not be done correctly as it does not help resolve the issue. Any help? Thanks
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