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  1. Emsisoft is running on Server 2012R2. Yes, it is a very obvious issue, and I have seen other people in this forum having it as well. So, my suggestion would be to try it on Server 2012 R2. This problem even occurs when doing mass selection. I choose the "select all" checkbox, and within a few seconds, several boxes are unchecked. I have to recheck them numerous times before they stay checked. Again, a quick search of this forum found others that have this issue, so it is not an isolated issue.
  2. It seems like? I was told previously on this forum that it would redeploy. Which is it?
  3. I want to update the machines that have already been deployed to our new 100-user license, and get them off the smaller 25-user licenses we had, so I can use those for other things. Of course, it isn't working. I try to deploy, and get "Type Time Message Warn 9/1/2015 12:00:36 PM HostJob[56] on 'COMPANY.LOCAL\JDOE-TABLET' failed due to error: HostJob[56] failed with the following message: Send EAM info request command error I was told in a previous post if I deploy to a standalone machine with a different license, the console will update to the new license. It is clearly not doing that. How do I fix this?
  4. I'm astounded that a piece of software was released with a flaw such as this. It's one of the most annoying bugs I have ever seen, and extremely unacceptable. I love Emsisoft, but this console is much to be desired. I understand Emsisoft wanted to get this out there, but I think waiting a little longer to get it right would have been preferable to the nonsense that this is causing. So, anyway-- with the latest version (8/14), I am STILL having this issue where I will check a box, and it will uncheck itself. Or, I will uncheck a box, and it will recheck itself. This has to stop, because it is getting absurdly difficult to keep track of who has a successful install. Also, it was stated in a previous post that I created by an admin that the Enterprise console will overwrite any client keys it encounters during deployment. This is absolutely not true. I have tried deploying this on several machines that already have Emsisoft, in order to have a uniform key for everyone, plus the ability to manage---and it simply fails. I cannot deploy it to machines in which it was already deployed. I have to go to the individual machine, uninstall it, remove all the temp files, programdata files, and program folder---run CCleaner, and then it deploys. Why, Emsisoft......why?
  5. We just installed the Enterprise Console this week. Here are some observations: -I cannot mass add computers from Active Directory. I have to check each computer box individually. -When I select a computer with a check box, the checkbox automatically becomes unchecked. This happens several times before it sticks. -Deployments fail and the reasoning isn't easily understood from the logs. Now, a question: We have two sets of licenses for EmsiSoft that we were using previous to the Enterprise Console. One is a 15-user license, the other is a 20-user license. How does this work? Will the Console overwrite the existing license slots for machines that are already installed manually and tied to the license, or use the empty slots first? There should be a way to manage licenses /license slots in the Enterprise console.