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  1. I just redownloaded the EIS client from the Emsisoft site and reinstalled using it instead of the one I had saved at time of purchase and everything is working again. So maybe you should try that.
  2. Thanks for the warning, but EIS is the only program not working for me, and it just started this morning, was working fine up until then. Been running 10162 since the day it released. It's the best build yet.
  3. The software, which was running perfectly for months all of a sudden says it can't connect to the service application. Now, I restarted (3 x's) like it asked, with no joy. I reinstalled, but now can't get past the point where I input my licence code. Then the pop up appeared again saying it couldn't connect. I have tried reinstalling another 2 x's but again, the same problem. I am running Windows 10 build 10162. And as I can get onto the internet (I posted this!) it is not a problem at my end. Yours is the only thing I am running that isn't working at the moment. What's up? Any answers? Thanks for your time.